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Pd0907 10-20-19 01:08 PM

Intro to self
Olí guy who likes to ride - 2 bikes, steel Lemond road and steel Giant mtn, will be looking for age appropriate rides after recovery from shoulder surgery, probably early spring in RI

RonH 10-20-19 03:23 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Where do you ride? You'll find a few old timers in the 50+ forum. I'm slowly approaching old age. I'll be 75 in less than 2 months. :foo: :innocent: :eek:

Hermes 10-20-19 07:30 PM

Welcome to bike forums from SoCal.

mtaineer 10-23-19 01:14 PM

I guess I'll have to find my way to the 50+ forum. Do we get any discounts?

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