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DropDeadFred 08-16-11 09:26 PM

Savannah century
Savannah century
anybody doing this? planning on doing the full century for fun or just the metric at a speedy pace. Anybody else going?

El Conquistador De Amore 08-17-11 07:01 AM

I'm playing around with the idea. It's a nice flat ride. They used to have the "Earth Day" ride in Savannah each year in April. It was perfect because it wasn't hot yet and the bugs weren't out yet. And the azaleas were in bloom. I'm not sure why they discontinued that ride as it seemed like it brought in a good crowd each year.

Ghouse 08-17-11 09:17 AM

I'll be doing the century. Heading down thursday to get some flat riding in before Sunday. I have a house down there so it's perfect to just make a free vacation out of it (

DropDeadFred 08-17-11 11:57 AM

yeah, i just booked my hotel in the historic district...not cheap..priceline was being a chump so i went with hotwire. seems everything is up for the weekend. Lots over riders expected. I think we decided to do the metric and try to pump it out fast instead of the full century. Not 100% yet...will depend on how many people we get in the far it's looking like 2-3 which means metric for sure...if we get more we may do the full but it will just get miserably hot and i'll probably whine like a baby around noon. I'm getting spoiled up here in KY since the weather has been so nice...not looking fwd to GA humidity again. we'll be there fri-monday.

DropDeadFred 08-17-11 01:41 PM

check that...were doing the full 100

Ghouse 09-06-11 12:39 PM

Hey DropDead, how was your ride? The weather was perfect and made it easy to finish this one pretty quick.

here's my ride:
Finished Cycle with Cyclemeter, on savannah century route, see, time 4:27:47, 100.48 miles, average 22.51 miles/h, fastest 49.48 miles/h, ascent 686 feet, descent 564 feet.

DropDeadFred 09-06-11 01:15 PM

don't have those details...i was with a group of 5 we started at the very slowly for the first 30 miles (my girlfriend was with us, she did 57) we picked the pace up to 21ish for the rest of the way...finished with a 19 avg in 102.7mi. some guys that ride with our local group ride her on tuesday finished the century first with a 4hr7minute finish. we finished in 4hr 45min ride fastest time was 33.3 coming down the was crowded and people were popping tires and snapping chains left and right...there was a crash (some guy broke his collar bone)

all in all it was a great first century for me. I now have a goal to finish next years within the 4 hour 15 minutes area. Savannah was nice, did the craft brew tasting across the river on saturday...did some heavy drinking and eating after the ride as well. I loved it

DropDeadFred 09-06-11 01:22 PM

5:45...not 4:45

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