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since6 09-29-19 10:05 AM

Homecoming:“Tommasini Racing” Help, what do I have?
From the decals on this bike it appears to be a “Tommasini Racing”.

So after picking it up and some cleaning here it is. Someone cared for this 40+ year old bike, which I believe comes from the 70s?

since6 09-29-19 10:08 AM

Now in aid of my request for your help in my effort to understand more about this bike I will post pictures of:

· Bike Decals/Frame Color

· Lugs, drop outs, seat post bolt, seat stay tops

· Components

· Serial numbers for frame/components (if they exist)

The above are drawn from Kevindale’s post, “Tommasini timeline and serial number registry”, great resource Kevin. If I’m missing something please let me know.

You are a sharp eyed group so you will notice in some of the pictures that I have suspended gravity and am standing on the ceiling of the garage to take these pictures. :eek:
However such is not true, in fact the bike is in the stand upside down and I have rotated the pictures so the parts are easier to orient to, just ignore the background and my body floating through the air. :roflmao:

since6 09-29-19 10:12 AM

Bike Decals/Frame Color

Seat tube going from the top to the bottom of the tube.

since6 09-29-19 10:14 AM

Down Tube

This is on both sides of the down tube.

This is on the top of the down tube below where the shift levers.

since6 09-29-19 10:15 AM

Chain Stay has this on each chain stay.

since6 09-29-19 10:18 AM

Head tube decal.

since6 09-29-19 10:21 AM

The frame is all one color the gold/bronze (?) that you see in these pictures. However there is a yellow pinstripe on the drive side chain stay and the cut outs in the lugs are also filled in with this yellow as you'll see next.

since6 09-29-19 10:24 AM

Now we move to: Lugs, drop outs, seat post bolt, seat stay tops.

Head Tube Lugs

since6 09-29-19 10:25 AM

Bottom Bracket

since6 09-29-19 10:29 AM

Brake Bridge and Chain Stay Bridge lugs.

since6 09-29-19 10:31 AM

Fork Lug

since6 09-29-19 10:33 AM

Campagnolo drop outs front and back.

since6 09-29-19 10:35 AM

Lovely fluted seat stay tops.

And external nut with machined end that screws to the seat post bolt.

since6 09-29-19 10:39 AM

Going to take a bit of a break before we launch into components.

What I deduce from the components is that originally this was likely a Campagnolo Record/Super Record (?) build, but with what might have been some personal preferences. This latter is hard to know as the bike is now significantly changed in components, but done so in a very tasteful and TOL way.

But be warned: two warring houses now live in the frame of this bicycle.

merziac 09-29-19 10:47 AM

That's one of the coolest fork crowns I have ever seen. :thumb:

Hopefully one of our experts will divulge it's provenance. ;)

qcpmsame 09-29-19 11:05 AM

@since6, Not going to attempt to be an expert, the learned elders here will be along to let you know what exactly you have, but I will say that you scored a really nice Tommasini. I have felt that the "Racing" model was kind of underrated with what attention the Super Prestige and Prestige, not to mention the newer Techno and other current offerings being so sweet. I'm looking forward to following the build on you new ride, kudos on getting this one sir.

Be sure to post in the Tommasini Lounge with the before and after pics as well: Tommasini Lounge thread


since6 09-29-19 11:07 AM

So let's go into components-Part-1 The Usual Suspects and Part -2 West of the Pecos.

Down tube shifters and cranks Campagnolo.

since6 09-29-19 11:14 AM

Head set, now this could have been a personal preference move out of the Campagnolo gruppo, and EDCO-Competition head set (which I've read was highly regarded in its day).

A similar divergence occurred with the brakes and in particular the brake levers.

Now these brake levers don't look so unusual until you see them compared with my hands, which are pretty normal man sized. The levers are tiny, almost sized for a Junior Race bike, but more likely sourced as a custom part of the build to fit a woman's hand.

since6 09-29-19 11:20 AM

We end Part - 1 back in Italy with a 3TTT stem and a 3TTT Superleggero (sp?) handlebar, but again sized extremely small only 37cm center to center.

since6 09-29-19 11:28 AM

Well time to take my wife/tandem stoker to brunch so bike's can wait, but when I get back we head into Part-2 West of the Pecos where this bike underwent a vintage heart transplant.

What these parts demonstrate to me is that this owner wanted to keep up with times as they were changing, but never with the sacrifice of quality.

Traditionalist may wince, but there's some nice (even quite rare) stuff coming next.

Just a last note: you probably can't see it much in these pictures, but up close there is a lot of hand filing on the lugs thinning them to their ends. It's beautiful work of hand craftsman ship.

since6 09-29-19 01:44 PM

Componenets Part-2 West of the Pecos

Something changed towards the end of the 70s/early 80s and this bike underwent a major transformation.

Those with sharp eyes may have already spotted it in that the Campagnolo cranks no longer have Campagnolo chain rings, instead Japan has invaded.

This is true for the bottom bracket too, which is now a Sugino bottom bracket, but what about all those extra alignment holes drilled into the face of the adjustable bearing race? Is this standard or a factory racing lightened or drillium lightened botttom bracket? Your thoughts/advice please?

since6 09-29-19 01:48 PM

But this was the tip of the iceberg, hubs and skewers were replaced with Shimano Dura Ace First Generation Low Flange hubs/skewers.

since6 09-29-19 01:50 PM

Along with these hubs came what I am told is a rare part, a Shimano Dura Ace FA-100 5 speed freewheel.

since6 09-29-19 02:01 PM

Which leads us to the heart transplant
of front derailleur, SunTour FD-1500, Superbe.

And rear derailleur Shimano RD-7200, Dura-Ace EX .

since6 09-29-19 02:08 PM

With these components in place, riding its Mavic rims, this bike rode through the next three decades.

Good taste?
Bad taste?
It's really a personal preference, but as I stated earlier, this owner in the late 70s early 80s wanted to retain highest quality and I cannot fault them in their choices.
Especially since they were ridden and still function three decades later.

Now, as to serial numbers, there are none to be found on this bike frame, now where to look on the Campagnolo crank arms, Shimano/Suntour derailleurs, your help is welcome.

Busy day, off to grandson's birthday.

When back I will conclude with two damages, one to be addressed and one to be wondered about-"How did that happen" and an Epilogue: "Grail Bike on the Brink".

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