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randyspann 09-23-11 07:34 AM

Hard Shell Recument Seat
Anyone know of a supplier for a hardshell recumbent seat? Everything I can find on the net is way expensive!

gcottay 09-23-11 11:19 AM


Do you already have appropriate mounting hardware? If not, what bike do you have? What do you consider way expensive? Are you looking at CF or fiberglass?

randyspann 09-23-11 11:40 AM

Mounting is easy, I'm trying to extend the height of the seat on my Cruzbike Silvio. I'm 6'6" tall. I see seats for recumbents online for $250 - $350! Currently just using a 1/4" plywood "extension" to the top of the seat. Works, just not very elegant. Don't need carbon, inexpensive is good. And actually strength is not a factor, it will be 'backed' by the silvio seat back.

BlazingPedals 09-23-11 06:28 PM

Have you asked the folks at Cruzbike if they have a solution? Yes recumbent seats can be expensive.

IrvJamison 09-23-11 10:48 PM

Check out these two sites, the first one is on eBay sometimes and I have heard very good reviews on Power-On seats:,seatsAndAccessories

atombikes 10-01-11 05:16 PM

anATOMic recumbent seat

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