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obrentharris 01-19-18 08:35 PM

Bike Pro Tandem Travel Case for Sale
Used Bike Pro Tandem Travel Case. $200 plus actual shipping cost. Case is in good condition with some wear from use. This case has the optional hard side panels.

This shows our Cannondale XL/S tandem in the case. The unusually tall front of this bike is a very tight fit. The bike measures 26 1/2" from the center of the front axle to the top of the steerer tube. This is the maximum height that will fit in this case.

I have unscrewed the rear derailleur in order to fit the bike comfortably lengthwise. This will not be necessary if your bike's wheelbase is 2 inches shorter than our 69 1/2". It also will be unnecessary if your bike does not have a front disc brake since you can then turn the fork backwards giving an extra couple of inches. This space savings doesn't occur with a disc brake fork since the caliper protrudes from the back of the fork.

The case came to us used with a large assortment of frame pads with velcro closures. In the following photo I have attached some of the pads to the frame and piled up the rest in front to give you an idea of what is included. There are no padded wheel bags included. I would recommend their use.

This bag has 4 casters which you can see in the following photos. The circle at the top of the 4th photo shows an abraded area adjacent to where the tall steerer tube touches the top of the case.

Shipping is not an insignificant cost. The case weighs 41 Lbs. BikeFlights quotes me $120 to ship to New York. If you are closer than New York the cost should be less. I have read on this forum that Greyhound Express is the most cost effective way to send this but have not called them fro pricing. The dimensions are aproximately 70" x 11" x 31" You are also welcome to pick this up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

kimska 04-08-18 06:22 AM

Tandem bike travel case

We are tandemist travelers and we are looking for a travel bag ! Just saw you post and unfortunately we didn't find the Bike Pro USA tandem case on Google... :foo: Have you a website link to recommend us in order to buy this case ?

Thank you!! :)

kylebakin 04-25-18 02:04 PM

did you sell yet? I'm interested.

obrentharris 04-25-18 07:16 PM

The Case is Sold

davecleveland 12-02-19 10:40 PM

I have one for sale if anyone still wants one!

grote 05-21-20 01:16 PM

Still for sale?
If you still have that Bike Pro Tandem travel case for sale, I'm interested!

davecleveland 05-22-20 02:56 PM

BikePro case
Still available. Where are you located? Transportation may be the tricky part unless you are nearby!

sidibob57 06-20-20 09:56 AM

Bike Pro Case
Hi Dave
I'm interested, live in eastern PA but ready for a road trip......

davecleveland 06-29-20 03:37 PM

Sorry, I overlooked this! We are in Penticton BC but usually spend time at our vacation home in northern WA. Now with borders closed it will be difficult to get this case to you!

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