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janejane 08-24-18 12:26 PM

Has anyone found an alternative to the Trail-Gator which is reasonably priced?

I don't like the Trail-Gator because it's complicated to initially install, a little long to attach and remove the child's bike on a daily basis and it scratches bikes.

I find the Follow-me to be quite expensive and heavy.

Anyone seen anything else or experiencing the same problem?

minbikemaxfun 08-28-18 09:42 PM

Do you require that the product attaches an existing child's bike to your bike?

If not, you can look up the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer. This doesn't attach an existing bike, but instead it is like "half of a bike." It attaches to the adult bike's seat post, and it seems similarly priced to the Trail Gator (about $90).

Viich 08-29-18 02:20 PM

Was a little steeper price new and might not be much better, but the burley kazoo and piccolo trailer bikes used have an available front wheel attachment so the kid can ride themselves. I think it was the Burley plus, it doesn't seem to be a current product. If you could find one, you could attempt to carry it on your bike while towing.

I don't think that they were popular.

NyoGoat 09-16-18 10:51 AM

I had similar feelings about the Trail-Gator. I used it for a year and now it sits in my garage. I haven't yet purchased but i'm planning to try out the TowWhee. Basically a bungee tow rope so you can coil it up in your bag when not in use. Price is only around $40.

cabledawg 10-12-18 12:19 PM

If I was a little closer, I'd help you set up your Tow-Gator. I used one for a while and had no issues with it. I even built a DIY bracket so I could use it with my longtail cargo bike. I will admit though that it is a pain to setup initially but once it's setup, it's a single pin to attach/remove the towed bike (we didn't use the bar that holds the child's bike front tire).

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