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ascherer 04-24-19 07:36 PM

NOW ON MAY 19th! NYC East Coast Greenway Alliance 5-Island Ride RAIN DATE 5/12
NYC 5-Island Ride ride on the EAST COAST GREENWAY

Eventually it will stop raining!!

9:00 AM 1:00 PM EDT
START: East River Greenway entrance @ 60th St. & York Ave. - meet at the lower dog run inside this entrance
FINISH: Same as Start

29-mile, guided bike ride on the East Coast Greenway through 5 Islands of New York City - Manhattan, Randalls & Wards Islands, Queens, and Roosevelt Island. The route will head north from the starting point up to the High Bridge, South through the Bronx, across the Randall's Island Connector around Randall's & Ward's islands, then over the Triboro/RFK bridge into Queens, south to Roosevelt Island and then finally either by Tram, F train, or via the Queensboro bridge, back into Manahattan.

We intend to make stops at several locations along the route to discuss notable events and landmarks including a visit to the new Four Freedoms Park on the southern end of Roosevelt Island. The ride will proceed at an easy-going pace of 10 - 13 MPH.

ascherer 05-13-19 07:15 PM

NOW ON MAY 19th!!
It WILL stop raining!
It WILL stop raining!
It WILL stop raining!
It WILL stop raining!

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