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Hondo Gravel 06-12-19 12:39 PM

Family Rebellion against sag wagoning lol
The last three summers I had a nice chase vehicle on my bike adventures on the Katy and other routes. I have to deal with a mutiny :lol: so no bike this summer trip but I will get plenty of hiking. Heading out west towards Great Basin NP then Northern California and all places from here to there. Actually I could use a break from my bikes and do some hiking. I will stay fit hiking so I’m not too worry about losing fitness. Now everybody is happy and I get to stay on the ship and won’t have to walk the plank.

alan s 06-12-19 12:45 PM started a thread to tell us you are NOT touring? OK. Next.

mstateglfr 06-12-19 12:49 PM

Why not tour without a sag later on your own?

stardognine 06-12-19 01:16 PM

Can't you guys see, he's looking for help? 🙄😉 It's all related, especially when kids are involved. 👍 You clearly just need help, in out-smarting those kids. 😁😉 Nothing's popping into my mind, but then I never had kids. You need help from an experienced father/grandfather type, who fully understands sneaky thinking. 🤓😁😉

ksryder 06-12-19 01:28 PM

I've heard rumors that some people ride bikes without a follow car...

Leebo 06-12-19 02:01 PM

Buy them all bikes instead of cars?

Hondo Gravel 06-12-19 02:37 PM

Y’all ain’t helping :notamused: I’m avoiding a :trainwreck: believe me I think I have this covered :lol: but again I might be left on the side of the road with a cardboard sign that says Hondo Texas.

spinnaker 06-12-19 07:51 PM

With all the tours I have done. only once was a SAG available. And that was for a large group tour. The driver was well paid in tips from the participants. But I cannot imagine a more boring job unless you happen to be touring in an area where the SAG driver has other interests. For example maybe a tour of Glacier Park and the driver likes to hike.

I think it is time to spread your wings and tray a tour without SAG. ;) I certainly would not want to cancel a tour if I lost my SAG.

Rob_E 06-12-19 09:03 PM

There was a rebellion against the SAG wagon in my family. By me. My wife, aunt, and uncle anted to do a GAP ride, staying at B&Bs. I’m more of a camper, but no one else is. We booked it through an agency, and they offered luggage service for an additional fee. I said, “It already doesn’t feel like a tour with no camping, and we barely have anything to carry since it’s just three days of clothing.” I “won” that one, and we carried our own bags. Except my aunt and uncle showed up with regular, maximum-carry-on size luggage precariously strapped to their back racks. My uncle started to fizzle halfway through day two, and I ended up with his bag and mine. Still, it worked out. On the next trip they had panniers, and on our upcoming trip, the agency doesn’t offer baggage service, so it’s good that everyone knows how to carry their stuff. Now no one is dependent on the SAG wagon.

indyfabz 06-13-19 04:13 AM

Originally Posted by Hondo Gravel (Post 20975523)
Y’all ain’t helping :notamused:

Strokes your hand and says "There there. Everything will work out for the best."

Did that help?

Jim from Boston 06-13-19 03:49 PM

Family Rebellion against sag wagoning lol

Originally Posted by Hondo Gravel (Post 20975298)
The last three summers I had a nice chase vehicle on my bike adventures on the Katy and other routes. I have to deal with a mutiny :lol: so no bike this summer trip…

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 19090721)
It was one of my most pleasant cycling days in 40 years of cycling, to ride with jppe, and to direct his wife in the van to various locations and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean [after his cross country ride from Oregon]…

I got to look inside the well-packed van with the camping and bicycling gear, including an extra bike, with room to spare for his traveling bike.

We took the end-of-ride pictures. We then had a celebratory dinner at a fine Boston seafood restaurant (Legal Seafood Harborside). We re-hashed our respective cross-country trips, including the current one with Jeri’s point of view.

While jp was away from the table, I asked her how she liked the trip…”I had a blast.”

staehpj1 06-13-19 04:53 PM

Have a great time hiking. Nothing wrong with that.

OTOH, I do suggest trying some long distance touring on the road at some point with no sag if you haven't already. It is a whole different experience. A motor vehicle changes a tour in very fundamental ways.

Hondo Gravel 06-13-19 08:05 PM

Yup, may be looking into a touring bike with all the necessary accessories. I have fat biking all the way to gravel biking but besides a half frame bag and saddle bag nothing to support a tour. Now the funding :lol: I’m like every human born with the bad habit of having to eat.

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