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WonderMonkey 02-17-18 03:31 PM

WonderMonkey 2018 Ride Thread
Both 2016 and 2017 were not good for riding due to a calf/leg injury thing, which I continue to fight. However, I think I'm able to do some riding and see how far I can take it.

Currently, I'm getting things ready for commuting. I'll start off by driving within 10 miles and ride back and forth from there. I'll do however many times that is needed to get things going and then I'll park farther away.

It's snowing today after having been warmer and rain last week. If I can get out for a lunch ride or two this coming week that will be great, and a good way to get in a few miles before a commute.

WonderMonkey 02-18-18 11:17 AM

To help prepare for commuting I purchased the Topleak Explorer rear rack (from LBS) and today will order the MTX TRUNKBAG DX.

WonderMonkey 02-18-18 03:08 PM

I made some stands following the examples in this thread:

Each year when I get my bike out and ride I have to park it way off to the side or behind things. 100% of the time it’s a pain. So … I built a bike rack out of pvc pipe. I haven’t glued it yet, nor have I put any sand in the bottom pipe to add stability, but I think it will work just fine.


WonderMonkey 02-19-18 10:15 PM

First ride of this year has been done. A total of 6.75 miles going to do a boxing workout then back home.

I will keep my daily rides to around 10 miles or less and average about 10 mph to allow my legs to adjust. I'll do that a few times then either up my miles or up my pace.

WonderMonkey 02-20-18 09:46 AM

I can feel yesterday's ride today, as expected. I know my legs will need some time to adjust to this activity, which is one reason why I'm putting an upper limit on miles and pace for a bit. My tendency is to want to bust out and do all the miles but that would not help.

StanSeven 02-28-18 08:55 AM

Moving from C&A Forum to Blogger’s Forum

WonderMonkey 02-28-18 12:26 PM

Today I arranged for a professional bike fit. The initial fit is this Friday, with some follow up appointments to be scheduled.

WonderMonkey 03-01-18 11:41 AM

I put my Topeak rack bag on last night and luckily it works with my current seat bag. I'd hate to have to put my bike tools and flat kit in the rack bag and then accidentally leave it at home.

WonderMonkey 03-02-18 01:01 PM

Thread chatting about my rack bag:

WonderMonkey 03-02-18 01:01 PM

Bike fit competed. Read about it here:

WonderMonkey 03-02-18 01:02 PM

When I first get ready to commute at the beginning of the year, I get nervous. I spoke about it here:

WonderMonkey 03-04-18 03:22 PM

Cygolite Hotshot Pro 150 USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light arrived and is now drinking some electricity to get to full charge. This thing is bright! A fair amount of flashing modes, and variable speeds for each, as well.

WonderMonkey 03-05-18 06:27 PM

First ride using new bike fit. Just a quick five-miler after work in the evening chill. Also first ride using the advice of the fitter on improving stroke and general position on the bike. I can say I'm engaging my hamstrings even more than was I used to attempt to do. I went slower so I could focus on things and to not stress my hammies too much.

If the weather is decent I'll do some moderate distance at lunch. 10 miles or under.

WonderMonkey 03-08-18 07:49 AM

Well, it's snowing today, so I won't ride today. I'm not completely a fair weather bike rider, but I don't like slick surfaces nor cold wind.

Meagannn 05-08-18 02:43 AM

Originally Posted by WonderMonkey (Post 20176197)
To help prepare for commuting I purchased the Topleak Explorer rear rack (from LBS) and today will order the MTX TRUNKBAG DX.

Topleak Explorer rear rack is a good thing to get?

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