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cwayne11 01-28-19 05:51 PM

WTB: lugged Trek singletrack 900 series
Looking for a late 80s/early 90s lugged steel mountain bike. Frameset or whole bike. Trek, specialized, etc, if it's a lugged steel mtn bike I'm interested. Frame Size 20ish, may be able to go up or down. Craigslist has let me down recently.

transhawk 02-15-19 10:55 PM

I have a nice 1989 Trek 950, 18" frame, $200, in Ballard

Dandel2112 03-07-19 08:39 PM

where are you located? I have a Trek 930 and 950 available.

kraftwerk 03-08-19 04:31 PM

I love my old Track MTB .. I think is an 880... Metallic Brown
I fondly think about re-building it. Great frame super light and springy.. Steel is real!

cwayne11 03-11-19 02:39 PM

I am in Birmingham, Al. What size? and do you have any pics?

cwayne11 03-11-19 02:40 PM

Originally Posted by transhawk (Post 20797020)
I have a nice 1989 Trek 950, 18" frame, $200, in Ballard

I tried an 18 but Its too small. Thanks though!

panzerwagon 05-19-19 02:09 AM

Are you still looking for this?

Iíve got a 1989 Specialized Rockhopper Comp frameset in good condition. Size is 19Ē.

Let me know, thanks.

Kenderbender 06-02-19 05:30 PM

1984 shogun MTB-1
Hey, I have a buttery smooth 1984 shogun MTB-1 with Tange champion tubing and the coveted Araya high flange rims with suzue hubs. Itís beautifully lugged for a mountain bike and the components are fine. Iíve upgraded the bars to better suit my lengthy arms as well as pedals. It fits 26X2.50 tires nicely. I believe itís 20 inches but I can double check if youíre interested.

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