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Hondo Gravel 04-10-19 11:19 PM

Fan of spaghetti westerns
I love those Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns like The Good The Bad and The Ugly then the 1971 Dirty Harry movie. They feel more real to me because they are not over produced with modern technology we have today. Any of you enjoy these old school movies? I just canít get into modern films I guess Iím getting old.

dynodonn 04-11-19 08:34 AM

I wasn't much of a Western movie fan, they had run their course by the mid 60's, and the rise of spaghetti Westerns were the result, in their finding a new and younger audience. Even the spaghetti Westerns ran out of steam later on as well.

One more realistic old school movie versus new age technology CG, the original 1974 and later 2000 versions of "Gone in 60 Seconds" come to mind.

Pilot321 04-11-19 08:55 AM

I love the Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone "Dollars" trilogy the best, but never really warmed up to what many consider the best which is Leone's "Once upon a time in the West". I just don't like Henry Fonda in that role.

Newer movies have too much over the top action, too many social justice messages and way too much CGI. Can't watch them either.

canklecat 04-17-19 01:17 PM

Yup, the spaghetti Westerns flipped the genre on its head and helped revive the genre to some extent by introducing elements of dark humor and cynicism. And the anti-hero protagonist was closer to the reality of the old West. Although some of those elements were present in earlier Westerns, with limited success.

I also enjoy the parodies of the spaghetti Westerns with Terence Hill -- They Call Me Trinity, and My Name Is Nobody. Those are the Western equivalents to the sci-fi Galaxy Quest/Star Trek nexus. Not really broad mockery, like Blazing Saddles, but more of a humorous homage to the originals.

Once Upon a Time in the West was a bit too self indulgent, self important. It's not as good as the director and critics made it out to be. That's generally true of any movie with titles like "Once Upon a Time..." or "The Legend of..." Usually the most memorable movies in any genre jump into the middle of a story without announcing themselves as Very Important Stories.

The best part about the spaghetti Western is that it made Clint Eastwood enough of a star to eventually make Unforgiven, arguably the best and most authentic Western.

KingKong 04-22-19 12:13 PM

and i like movies about jungle as Predator or Jungle

atsui 04-25-19 01:21 AM

I love pasta and italian cusine

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