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fyreblayde 05-19-19 04:17 AM

Brompton M-bar and accessories
Hi Folks,
wondering what you all do for phone mount or phone access while riding.

I am considering the following:
-one of those small bags mounted in the handlebars (they are typically leather)
-an accessory bar
-a phone mount with super configurable settings so the phone isn't sitting at a weird angle.

Sorry, I can't post URL's yet so can't provide examples of what I am talking about.


berlinonaut 05-19-19 04:45 AM

What do you want the phone access for? From the answer to this question depends which solutions may apply. As I am using my phone on the bike for navigation only (and this only very occasionally) there are three solutions that I use:

3. w/o mount or display but headphones

Your mileage may vary, especially if your needs differ.

fyreblayde 05-19-19 08:50 PM

Yeah, mostly navigation + easy access to take photos. I tend to wear sports shorts when riding in Asia or jeans in Europe, both of which aren't the best for holding a phone, pulling it out, putting it back.

I asked here and specifically for the M-bar as the bar doesn't have many 90 degree angled points to mount to - I do have a similar mount to the finn, but it had to sit at a weird angle because of the handlebars.

I don't particularly like the Trigo, which seems to be the only mount specifically made for Bromptons.

I have seen Armor-X that has a case for my OnePlus phone + a fairly flexible mount with quick release .


fietsbob 05-19-19 10:19 PM

In your Pocket? unlike at sea, you can stop & ask directions..

I love printed maps (and have map reading skills) ...

maggiemaecra 05-22-19 01:30 PM

I use a BarritoPak from JPaks. They are custom so I had them add a couple of loops for a strap. I bought a shoulder strap on Amazon. I just use a cheap and easily removable Bike Phone Mount, Bovon 360 also found on Amazon. I use a Topeak Adjustable Modula Cage EX Modified Shape Waterbottle Cage with a quick release cage mount. I pack and unpack the Brompton a lot for travel.

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