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cat0020 06-12-16 03:08 PM

Just picked up this beauty for under a grand (with 700c wheels but sans pedals):

Here's my other tri-bike (650 wheels):

thin_concrete 06-13-16 03:01 PM

I just picked this up a couple weeks ago and am getting a fitting this weekend:

I'll be using it for time trials initially while I start training for a duathalon, and hopefully a tri eventually.

JavierLopez 06-15-16 07:58 PM

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I need help with identifying an Tri bike I figured this was the best spot to learn what I have I bought this bike for 300$ on my local craiglist, dont worry it didnt come with the wheels otherwise this would have been considered a deal too good to believe. But the bicycle came with a complete Sram Force groupset and a Sram RED Carbon crankset, I was wondering if anyknow knew anything about the frame and whats it worth, the fork seems to be worth 100-200$ and the SRAM set anywhere from 400-600$ if any of my numbers are wrong I would like for just some more information.

Nightbird95 06-22-16 01:27 AM
My 2012 Jamis Xenith T

Aperez78 06-28-16 03:32 PM

FSA SLK Carbon Compact Drop Bars
3T 90Cm Stem
ZIPP 30's WheelSet
Sram Red 2012/2013 Group Set
Fizik K3 Arione Saddle
KMC DLC Black/Red Chain
Look Keo Blade Chro Pedals
Weight: 16.15 Lbs

Been using it for recovery from Track/XC races and going on the Elite Group rides on the weekends!
Even though a TT Frame with Drop bars, I feel super comfortable and able to output great power when riding:D

Airtorn 07-25-16 10:08 PM

my 2010 Cervelo P1

TexMac 09-19-16 02:59 PM

Originally Posted by PaulBo (Post 18304919)
Looking good !
Black (and white) is great ! :thumb:

Pretty thang!

Runner13.1 10-11-16 05:36 AM

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2013 Cervelo P3

ducatir8cer 11-05-16 06:03 AM

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Trek Speed Concept

2013CAAD10 04-25-17 12:28 PM

My NeilPryde
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Attachment 560744

Before people freak out over a road bike being transformed into a TT bike, it has a factory TT specific seatpost (bike was designed to do both drop bars and TT)

CeeDotA 04-29-17 12:02 PM

Is this Crater Lake in Oregon?

Originally Posted by Airtorn (Post 18938624)

Airtorn 04-29-17 04:41 PM

Originally Posted by CeeDotA (Post 19546863)
Is this Crater Lake in Oregon?

It is. My wife and I were traveling to a race in Washington and stopped there for a long weekend last July.

vanvanj 05-16-17 08:02 PM

texaspandj 05-31-17 02:40 PM

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Here's my 2017 season training and racing tri bike.

cat0020 05-31-17 02:50 PM

Originally Posted by texaspandj (Post 19622776)
Here's my 2017 season training and racing tri bike.

Those Scott DH handlebars.. :love:

texaspandj 02-16-18 05:10 AM

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My 2018 season bike.

_ForceD_ 02-18-18 10:36 AM

Some (many) of these bikes are proof that manufacturers are putting way too many decals on frames/wheels these days. I think "less is more" in these cases.


fyberglass 09-11-18 01:36 PM

Awesome TT bikes!

randyjawa 09-16-18 04:52 PM

I have bought and given away, then bought again, then given away and bought again, but for the last time, this time. However, I have little idea of what I have or what its vintage might be.

Generally, I restrict my Bike Forums interest towards Classic and Vintage road bikes and I suppose that this Quintanno Roo "Q Road UL" could fall, almost, into the C & V class. None the less, I do intend to build it up and, to do so will require a bit of paint work. The paint is mostly good but there are issues with flaking and possible aluminum oxide beginning to form. The oxidation is not an issue, in my mind, as it is minor. But I want to clean the bike up and, perhaps, add it to my little stable.

With that in mind, I would like to ask if anyone knows where I could get a decal set for this old bike? Here are some pictures to help with ideas...

Drinian 09-21-18 12:57 PM

Quintana Roo Lucero
I am an old guy and my bikes are mostly old, too, but my son has one of his in our garage. I keep reminding him that he might want to take it over to his house (now that he and his wife are not living aboard their sailboat any more). He shrugs and says he's done with 1/2 Iron Man competitions. It's a Quintana Roo Lucero. Is he right, or should this be living a better life elsewhere?

Wcollins00 09-21-18 07:38 PM


Thegaz321 05-05-19 02:41 PM

Us postal team time trial bike 2000 whatís it worth?
I have had one of these bikes for a few years now, itís a trek team time trail bike 2000 and was wondering what it would be worth in the uk? Would post a pic but not allowed.
Thank you Gareth

burnthesheep 05-08-19 10:50 AM

It violates the nice picture setup ideals since it is on the trainer, but it's all I've got for pics right now.

It on its lonesome:

With the dummy riding it:

texaspandj 06-11-19 12:36 PM
Here's my 2019 season ride.

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