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Timo 06-03-04 02:38 PM

Show us your cross bike...
Following an idea from "rideintexas" let's start this thread. Show the other forum members your cyclocross bike.

Here's mine...

Timo 06-03-04 03:11 PM

Originally Posted by MERTON
please type the names of the bikes and give websites.

Frame: Kinesis Extralight, black anodized (1380gr.)
Fork: Advance full carbon (same as Empella Carbonfire, only directly from factory) (550gr.)
Headset: Ritchey Pro
Stem: Ritchey Pro, oversized
Bar: Ritchey Pro, oversized
Brakelevers: Ultegra STI (right), Dura-Ace SLR (left), Empella Froglegs top bar levers (black)
Brakes: Spooky carbon cantilevers with Ritchey pads
Shimano brake and shifting cables (black)
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite
Seatpost: Ritchey Pro
Rear derailleur: short cage XTR 2002
Cranks: carbon (no name), Ultegra 42t blade and Specialité carbon single speed rings
Pedals: 2004 model Time Atac Carbon
Chain: Dura-Ace
Wheels: black 105 hubs / Mavic Open Pro rims / black sapim spokes
Cassette: Dura-Ace 12-25


velocipedio 06-03-04 08:02 PM

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here's my rig the day i built it up... since then, the stem angle has been turned down, i put my proper pedals on and i installed a carbon fork and a fsa crank.

my muddy rear wheel on the rack after a race.

BlastRadius 06-03-04 09:45 PM

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Pretty much stock 2004 Bianchi Axis, except the saddle. The bike I race with.

BlastRadius 06-03-04 10:12 PM

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My Bianchi Strada, built by my own hands. I use it for commuting mainly but sometimes take it on a rec ride.

Frame: 2001 Bianchi Strada
Fork: Voodoo cromo cross fork
Headset: Cane Creek S2
Stem: Generic, -17, 90mm
Handlebar: Ritchey Pro Ergo, 42cm
Shifters/Brake Levers: Shimano Ultegra, 2002-3 model
Brakes: Shimano STX Cantilevers w/ Ritchey brake pads
Wheelset: Performance Titan wheelset
Tires: Bontrager Select Invert 700x35c
Front Derailer: Shimano 105, late 90's model
Rear Derailer: Shimano XT, 2002-3 model
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Dura-Ace square taper, 103mm/68mm
Crankset: Race Face Forged, 38/46
Pedals: Ascent SPD
Cassette: Shimano LX, 11-32
Chain: Shimano HG-93, Ultegra
Seatpost: Kalloy UNO Ultralight, 26.8mm, set back
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Genuine Gel

Timo 06-04-04 03:41 AM

That Strada looks great! My road bike is a Bianchi and I was very disappointed that the only Bianchi cyclocross frame on the European Market was a limited issue which was way overprized for its quality (1400 USD for the frame and fork, while they make a 950 USD frameset with the same tubeset). By now they've dropped the prize to 1150 USD but that's still way to much for what you get.

BTW, that Axis isn't bad either :)

BlastRadius 06-04-04 08:57 AM

Thanks, I bought the frameset for $120 from a guy who had it hanging in his garage and never built it up. It's only Reynolds 520, but the complete bike is still only about 22.5#.

TLN 06-16-04 01:32 PM

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My replacement cyclox is:
2004 Redline Conquest Pro Frame/fork
Full Ultegra
Bontrager stem
Cane Creak Headset
Salsa bars

How long do you think that nice clean white cork will stay that color?!

robertsdvd 06-16-04 02:09 PM

Originally Posted by Timo
Following an idea from "rideintexas" let's start this thread. Show the other forum members your cyclocross bike.

Here's mine...

My my that is a beautiful bike... kudos...

Timo 06-18-04 02:12 AM

Originally Posted by robertsdvd
My my that is a beautiful bike... kudos...

Thanks! :)

Here's another pic.

DanO220 06-18-04 10:52 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's my 'cross' bike - 'cross town, that is. DanO

oldskoolboarder 06-18-04 01:38 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here's mine as a before and after.

I considered it a challenge to make this an ebay project bike, keeping most of the upgrades to deals I can get on ebay/craigslist, although I've had to make some exceptions.

Rides great, been on a couple of singletracks already. Coming from MTB and road, still getting used to the geometry on tight singletracks. Very good roadhandling too, more so w/ road slicks. Korso wheels are holding up well.

Here's the upgrades...
New retail:
Weyless Korso Aero rims (on sale at Supergo)
2 tubes (lbs)
bottle cage (nashbar)
salmon kool stop pads (lbs, man they can stop the bike...)

from old MTB:
Cateye 2 computer
Candy SL pedals (now changed to ebay Speedplay frogs for easier mounts/dismounts)

Selle Marco Era USPS saddle - new
Syncros seatpost - used
Ritchey crossmax tires - new
Bontrager stem - used

spooky canti's
full ultegra drivetrain
black open pros w/ black spokes and phil wood hubs
speedplay frogs

BikerRyan 06-20-04 10:39 PM

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Here is my rig. Usually has 959 pedals on it rather than flat pedals. When I race it it normally wears tufo tubular clinchers as well.


BlastRadius 06-20-04 11:46 PM

Nice, were the road lever disc brakes hard to find? Where'd you find them?
Were the disc allowed where you raced?

Dan Souf 06-21-04 10:29 AM

Here's mine, hopefully,
- shortly after competing in the 3 Peaks last year (hence 'survival bag' under saddle)

- steel f&f
- Campag 9 levers onto Shimano XT 8 block, via Campag 9 rear mech (works fine) 48/38 - 12/28 block (might be 11/28, not sure)
- 105 hubs/mavic front & ambrosio rear rim (no particular reason)
- 20 year old (at least) mafac cantilevers
- Ritchey trailmax? tyres (rubber side-walls)
- Time atac pedals

Only thing missing from the pic is a co2 inflator which should be taped onto rear of seat-tube (used it during race & shoved in pocket after!)

Supercourse 06-21-04 01:29 PM

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Redline Conquest Pro
Full Ultegra
Bontrager RaceLite bar
Michelin Cyclocross Jet tires on Mavic Open Pros
I prefer the Shimano M540 SPD's

BikerRyan 06-21-04 01:36 PM

Originally Posted by BlastRadius
Nice, were the road lever disc brakes hard to find? Where'd you find them?
Were the disc allowed where you raced?

The disc brakes were easy to find, I ordered them through my local shop, Avid Road Ball Bearing disc brakes. I never got hassled at any races for having the discs, I think that rule only applies to international races.


STEVO820 07-10-04 12:36 AM

ok guys dont hate me for saying this can i make a Trek 820 into somthing like this or are these different frame. i like the curved handle bars because they are comfortable once you get up to speed.

where do you guys buy your aftermarket parts for your bikes? and websites?

mosovich 07-11-04 07:56 PM

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I've got a 2004 ALAN Ultral Easton. Super bike. It's for sale BTW, (frame and fork)' it's one size to small, I need and XL. Super bike, I plan on buying the same thing again. Full Dura Ace, Mavic SCC tubulars, spooky brakes and levers. Single ring set up.

slvoid 07-13-04 07:57 PM

Originally Posted by DanO220
Here's my 'cross' bike - 'cross town, that is. DanO

How's that bike standing up on its own like that...

dubMON 07-13-04 10:54 PM

Here's my 'cross bike... A '04 Trek XO1 with a mixture of XT, Ultegra, Dura-Ace, Bontrager, Cane Creek, Salsa, and Kenda.

I hope you guys like it.

mymilkexpired 07-14-04 07:25 AM

Originally Posted by BikerRyan
Here is my rig. Usually has 959 pedals on it rather than flat pedals. When I race it it normally wears tufo tubular clinchers as well.


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :D

I love my enemy (read:cant wait to get it back). How do you like the disk upgrade? I was contemplating that upgrade myself. Looks sick man :)

btw, check your hs cups for cracks ;)

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