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lz54321 07-16-19 07:27 PM

Recommendations for an e-bike
Hi. I'm looking for recommendations for an e-bike. I'm a middle aged female with a bad back. The bike will be used for recreational purposes. My budget is around $3K. Thanks for your help.

2old 07-16-19 09:44 PM

Look for a commuter style which IMO is better for a bad back. Trek has some nice models in your price range.

alloo 07-17-19 07:17 AM

You should also look at craigslist for bikes and just get the bike tuned up.

cb400bill 07-17-19 07:58 AM

Thread moved from 50+ to E-Bikes.

2old 07-17-19 12:17 PM

+1 with alloo; Trek commuter or Electra (same company) are within your price range and excellent in quality and customer service FME.

lz54321 07-17-19 09:19 PM

Thank u. My local bike store also recommended Trex. Unfortunately, they do not stock any. I really need to test drive before I buy. They also recommended The Specialized brand.

Originally Posted by 2old (Post 21030953)
Look for a commuter style which IMO is better for a bad back. Trek has some nice models in your price range.

alloo 07-18-19 06:32 AM

I'd also look at an Electra Townie Go! Very comfortable bike.

Doc_Wui 07-18-19 08:34 AM

Plenty of good bikes with that kind of budget. If you're spending that kind of money, look for good service too.

Will you have to lift the bike to tote on a car or to put away? That's where I usually get my sore back. Last year I tried to ride a electricfried mountain bike on grass up to the top of a sledding hill. I made it under power, but it triggered a bout of sciatica that kept me off the bike for eight weeks. No more stupid bike tricks for me.

momsonherbike 07-18-19 02:45 PM

Look at Giant's LaFree E+1. VERY female biker friendly. Aluminum bike with a carbon belt drive (no more chains to clean or break or stretch or dirty your leg, no more derailers to break or bend), and disk brakes. Upright "comfort" low step-through build, easy to mount/dismount. The kick stand is set back to facilitate ease of entry. Handlebars come with ergo-grips. Tires are low pressure fat to facilitate riding on multiple surfaces besides pavement. The tires are FAST, too. Not pokey by any means.

The motor is SILENT and very user friendly. Smooth and gentle on application so you aren't jerked around or surprised. 250 watts continuous with an exceptionally powerful low end torque to help get you going reliably and quickly from a start, enough to keep up with other riders if you are in a group. Does an excellent job "flattening hills" within reason, removes any and all headwind, and comes with a dial 8 speed internal shifter so you can chose what gear you want when you want it. There are 5 power levels - Eco, Eco Plus, Regular, Regular Plus, Sport. Class 1. Pedal assist only, no throttle.

Battery can go 65 miles per charge when power mode is set to "regular" with intervals of "sport" when hills are climbed. This is my real life experience, btw, not just manufacturer's claim. The lockable battery is mounted on a rear rack - easy to charge on the bike (which is how I do it), or be removed for charging or security. It can also be easily hidden by panneries to make the bike look completely analog while out riding.

I have one and highly recommend it. I find that it is incredibly comfortable and super fun to ride, plus stylish enough that it doesn't scream "ebike!!" Sells for about $2,600+.

Look for a store that sells Giant bikes. My bike store sells Trek and Giant, but pushes Trek more. Didn't like their Trek ebikes - they looked clunky with the midframe battery, and the motor just wasn't smooth enough for me plus they had the chain and the derailer - something I was no longer interested in having on a bike. I wanted an internal hub and a carbon belt drive. I had to order my Giant, and (no surprise) the store sold another one when a customer got a chance to look at my bike once it came in. I'm 66 and have no trouble lifting this bike up, even with the battery in it, to put inside my car for transporting. Then again, I don't have a bad back!

Hope this helps.

2old 07-18-19 02:49 PM

Anybody sensing deja vu?

jlaw 07-18-19 03:57 PM

Originally Posted by lz54321 (Post 21030767)
Hi. I'm looking for recommendations for an e-bike. I'm a middle aged female with a bad back. The bike will be used for recreational purposes. My budget is around $3K. Thanks for your help.

Congrats on your decision - ebikes are great way to get out and enjoy the world even if your body is not 100% cooperative.

Get a name-brand bike (Trek, Giant, Specialized, Raleigh, etc.) with a name-brand mid-mount motor (Bosch, Brose, Yamaha) and a front fork shock from a local dealer who will be around in the future if you have problems. You have a good budget - too many choices to list - buy a bike that you can take for a substantial test ride and get a proper bike fitting.

Fenders, a rack, lights, etc. will make the bike more useful to you so you might ride more - for non-recreation - errands, etc. The bikes are speed-limited (mostly) to 20 or 28 mph. If 20 mph is good enough you'll save some money and you might get better mileage per battery charge because the motor is smaller and more efficient.

The front shock will help with your back. You can also add an after-market seat post shock like the Cane Creek Thud Buster - pricey but effective.

Check out the reviews of the various ebikes at:

Once you find a bike locally that you like, check back here for opinions.

Also, don't expect an ebike to have the same trouble-free, long life that you can usually get from a regular bike. The batteries, controllers, and motors, are complex and have a finite service life - that's the reason to buy locally from a shop who can do diagnosis and repair. Ask them about the actual anticipated life span of the various components.

Good Luck.

lz54321 07-19-19 10:25 AM

Thanks. I'll check it out.

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