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platnumn 03-31-11 07:27 AM

Trouble Installing Ergon GC3 on Trek 7.5
It's just like the title says!

It appears the GC3's only tighten at each end, meaning the end of the grip would have to be over the handlebar. With the way my FX's gears/brakes are set up, I don't think the grips are going all the way on.

Do you recommend I take an Allen key and move the shifters/brake to the inside a little more? Or should I physically cut the grips? I bought the non-gripshift length because I have trigger shifters, but I am NOT pleased they are not fitting.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!


ddimick 03-31-11 08:33 AM

Yes, move the shifters so they're in a comfortable position in relation to the grips. The instructions that came with your GC3's have the measurements you need to make sure they're installed right. And use a torque wrench!

platnumn 03-31-11 12:24 PM

no torque wrench! Will try not to over-tighten

ddimick 03-31-11 02:46 PM

It doesn't require anywhere close to as much force as you probably think.

GojiSube 05-28-11 07:15 PM

Thanks for the information, I found it very helpful when I installed Ergon GC3s on my Trek 7.5 today. I hemmed and hawed at first about getting the LBS to install them, but finally decided to do as mentioned and bought a torque wrench. I was surprised how quickly the grips installed. Of course, now I've got to fine tune them and get the in just the right position. Thank goodness again for the torque wrench.

jimbojonez 05-28-11 08:31 PM

If you have a 2011 Trek 7.5 fx you will not be able to install these grips. Trek used a custom Bontrager Satellite Plus IsoZone handlebar and the bar is not solid the whole way thru. I assume you went with the GC3 because you wanted to add bar ends. To do this you will need to replace the whole handlebar. I have a writeup about replacing the handlebars on my blog

It has been confirmed that Trek will be coming out with bar ends compatible with these handlebars this summer, but i have not heard a date yet.

If you have a 2010 or lower you wont have any issues and ignore this post.

GojiSube 05-30-11 08:03 AM

Thankfully mine's a 2010 so no problem installing the grips once I actually I got started.

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