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Darth Lefty 06-26-20 05:07 PM

Half cartridge BB service
I pulled this out of my kid's Hotrock, which I am rebuilding with slightly better parts. I am planning to replace it but sort of slacked off on the project and want to get him on the road. I can clearly clean and lube the adjustable side but is there anything I can do about the fixed side, other than drip some oil on it and try to work it in? I can't find any clip to remove to separate the assembly. The fit seems to be a little loose so I guess there arenít any rubber seals and it will square up when adjusted

It's 118 mm spindle for 68/73mm English BB (it had an idler that's getting replaced with a spacer), so at least replacement is no big deal

Darth Lefty 06-26-20 05:08 PM
Photo thereof

alcjphil 06-26-20 05:40 PM

Are you sure that you can't pull the drive side BB cup off? Give it a try. You would then be able to lubricate the drive side bearings

Andrew R Stewart 06-26-20 05:44 PM

One should be able to set the frame on it's RH side and flod the shell/cup/bearing with solvent, air blast out the remaining and finger squeeze in grease. Awkward for sure but not at all hard to do. But removing the RH cup is the WAY. There are methods to secure cheap plate wrenches wrenches on the cup with the axle and it's nut/bolt. Then one can leverage or hammer away and not be too worried about wrench slip. Andy

dedhed 06-26-20 06:34 PM

I suspect you tap the spindle on the drive side while holding the cup the DS comes apart as well.

Darth Lefty 06-26-20 07:40 PM

Thanks everyone. I'll give it a shot

HillRider 06-26-20 07:45 PM

Do you have a bench vise? If so, open it up enough to allow the rim of the DS cup to rest on the jaw edges. Then use a soft mallet to pound on the end of the spindle and the cup should pop off.

tomtomtom123 06-27-20 07:00 AM

A new Shimano BB is around $12 here.

3alarmer 06-27-20 07:04 AM

Originally Posted by tomtomtom123 (Post 21556057)
A new Shimano BB is around $12 here.

...this. I was running into these at the bike co-op a lot before I left. After a couple of tries I just started replacing them with something else.

Darth Lefty 06-27-20 05:42 PM

Indeed it did just tap out the other side. Thanks everyone who contributed ideas

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