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pumpguy 12-24-19 02:56 PM

Miyata 912

I am interested in the value of this 1984 Miyata 912 from 1984. I live in Denver and itís a 57 cm.

SurferRosa 12-24-19 07:39 PM

Last year, I paid $150 for my '82 912 and it came with an extra set of wheels. It was blinged out with some top notch italian componentry, too. I absolutely love it. A size smaller than the one above, and fits me like a glove. As good as any full 531 or columbus SL bike I've ever ridden. But mine has a Tange chromoly fork -- they originally came with a heavier hi-ten fork. Had I known how brilliant the bike would be, I would have paid double. I will never sell it.

Bianchigirll 12-24-19 07:52 PM

It looks bigger than 57 to me

bikemig 12-24-19 07:56 PM

It looks larger than a 57 to me as well. $150 would be a heck of a deal for this bike.

WGB 12-24-19 08:26 PM

I sold one 6 months ago for $300 Canadian to Toronto market buyer. Great bike but not this nice.! $300 Canadian is about $200 USD. My advice grab it (and try to deal!!))

wrk101 12-25-19 08:26 AM

I'm typically the cheapskate around here, but with the Phil Wood hubs and Superbe Pro RD, I'd be a lot higher. If you are an end user, I'd gladly pay up to $350 for it, maybe more.

That being said, I have found the Denver market to be VERY soft. Every time I go to Denver, I come home with five or six bikes. Last trip in June I found so many I had to donate FOUR and sell a fifth as I ran out of room in my pickup! I'd have no problem paying $200 as a flip. I have a pile of wheels, so I would swap them out, and put a proper 600 RD on the bike.

Even in this current soft market, if it was listed for $150, you should have been driving: grab now, ask later.

rjhammett 12-25-19 09:30 PM

Paid $75 for this 912 which is in pretty much perfect condition.

greatscott 12-26-19 09:58 PM

Unfortunately your 912 does not have all of its factory original components so it's probably only worth maybe $200 tops, had all the original Shimano 600 stuff still was on it you could fetch around $600 if in really good shape.

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