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pdlamb 04-10-19 01:08 PM

This is just WRONG!
Looking for something drool-worthy, and I came acrossthis:
Now I get the idea of a nice titanium frame, and I can see how it would blend nicely into a good gravel bike. I can also see the allure of an e-bike for older riders -- I came across grandma pedaling with her kids and grandkids this week, and she was able to keep up when she needed to.

But to put them all together? Take a nice, lightweight frame and add 5-10 pounds of battery and motor to it? And find a road that might or might not be paved (sounds like some of my city's streets!), and put that grandma on that road gunning her e-bike up the hill? Heck, give her a Harley!

Hey, you darn old farts! Get off my lawn!!

wsteve464 04-10-19 01:27 PM

Nice looking bike, only thing it needs is their shock in the seatstays to smooth out the trail.

Unfortunately I don't have a spare $10K at the moment :)

indyfabz 04-10-19 01:35 PM

No, gracias.

canklecat 04-10-19 02:33 PM

As long as the e-bike rider is willing to take a longer pull up front, it's okay by me.

TimothyH 04-10-19 07:09 PM

I don't know why anyone would care if someone else was riding that.

donheff 04-11-19 07:46 AM

That bike looks nice. If you have money to burn and need e-assist, go for it. But, I think you could find a bike with lesser components and frame for less than half the price that would look as good and ride fine. What use is cutting edge when the motor turns every ride into comfortable flat lands with a strong tailwind/?

VegasTriker 04-11-19 08:18 AM

I don't think the average retiree has $9K sitting around waiting to be burned. This has got to be something the company put together as a showpiece without the likelihood of selling many of them.

Wildwood 04-11-19 12:06 PM

OP should just buy one.
Then prove/disprove for him/herself.

Report back please. Include selfie for "wide smile" check! :D

edit: no "e" for me, but only because I've still got legs.

trailangel 04-11-19 02:54 PM

When you start adding the weight of the motor and battery, you will find the bike rides on the dead side. Needs suspension.
What is really wrong is the price. Should be $4500 instead of $9k.

jppe 04-13-19 12:18 PM

Darn, I forgot to order the motor!

fietsbob 04-13-19 01:08 PM

Wank on young squire.. :50: ..

TakingMyTime 04-14-19 09:48 AM

Although I'm sure that bike fits in some niche within the orbit of bicyclist needs and wants... It's not my cup of tea. I would go so far as to say if you gave me that bike I would just turn around and sell it.

Wileyrat 04-14-19 04:06 PM

No thanks.

My daughter and I were talking about e-bikes on our hike yesterday, and she thinks I'd never ride one. I suspect I'd go to a recumbent trike before an e-bike.

Darth Lefty 04-14-19 04:17 PM

e-bikes have been around for years and years being sold like you think they should, and not catching on. Now that they are catching on, the industry is marketing them just like any other style of bike: sell crap that is affordable, charge a little too much for something good, and add premium features no one really needs that much to charge more.

steve0257 04-14-19 05:59 PM

Originally Posted by Wileyrat (Post 20884579)
No thanks.

My daughter and I were talking about e-bikes on our hike yesterday, and she thinks I'd never ride one. I suspect I'd go to a recumbent trike before an e-bike.

Maybe a recumbent e-trike.

7up 04-14-19 06:50 PM

Titanium and a Bosch motor? Depending who you ask it’s really the best of both worlds.IMO which isn’t worth much I’d get a decent steel frame and slap a 8fun bafang middrive and put the other $7000 in the bank.

ironnerd 04-18-19 03:27 PM

At least it's not as fugly as most e-bikes.

But... no thanks. That electric assist just means I'll be farther form help when I injure myself.

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