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datlas 07-02-19 01:59 PM

Reynolds Cryo Blue Power Pads
Reynolds has a relatively new/updated brake pad, which they state is way better than their previous generation cryo blue pad.

The new one is Cryo Blue "Power" pad.

Here is cut/paste from their website:

The next generation of carbon fiber braking technology.

Reynolds Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads, shaped in a sleek, tapered design, with a 44% larger braking surface than the original Cryo-Blue Pads. The surfaces of the pads have six angled slots that move air and water through them, offering increased cooling in dry conditions, and increased control in wet conditions.

While the original Cryo-Blue Blue Pads still exceed Reynolds' standards, the Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads set the bar even higher. Testing validates that the new Power Pads deliver 33% increase in dry conditions stopping and 42% increase in wet conditions stopping.

Has anyone here tried them, specifically do you find they are really that much better than their previous version pads?? If so, please let us know your impressions.

datlas 07-05-19 07:49 AM



Sy Reene 07-05-19 12:41 PM

Originally Posted by datlas (Post 21012322)


I can't speak to their quality.. but not sure about them being "new"

datlas 07-05-19 12:59 PM

Originally Posted by Sy Reene (Post 21012789)
I can't speak to their quality.. but not sure about them being "new"

I suppose they are new-ish.

I just bought a set anyway. I will have to see for myself.

Should I make a separate post asking if I got a good buy??

woodcraft 07-05-19 01:39 PM

I thought about it, but balked at the price.

I'll let you know how the Token blue pads for $15 work out.

Johnny Rad 07-05-19 06:40 PM

I’ve run both Reynolds std pad and cryo pad for years. I don’t recall if one was better than the other, but I chose to run the “newer” cryo pads just in case. The cryos were very loud on my Reynolds wheels - not squealing, but grinding, which was annoying.

RedBullFiXX 07-08-19 12:10 PM

These pads came with the Canyon Aeroad
They are quiet and powerful, maybe has more to do with Dura-Ace Direct mount, and Reynolds wheels than the actual pads ?
Longer lasting than Mavic yellow pads on the Cosmic Pro Carbon wheels I had previously

Kimmo 07-08-19 09:44 PM

Horribly expensive, and the colour matches maybe 0.3% of bikes, if you're generous.

I hear they work alright though

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