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nlikesbikes 11-05-20 01:33 PM

Riding Across California, snow?
I'm planning on riding across California(Tahoe to Sonoma Coast area) in 1 day, and it's about 280 miles and 15k feet of elevation. The only way I found to get out of Tahoe was via Hwy 88 bc the other highways are rather busy. However, I'm concerned that there might still be snow in the area in mid-late May. Is Carson Pass/Highway 88 usually open from South Lake to Volcano at that time of the year? I don't think Mormon Emigrant Trail will be open that early, but I can't remember if they open Carson in May or not.

anotherbrian 11-06-20 08:23 PM

Highway 88 is open year-round. Unless it was still snowing in May, you'd have no problem crossing there.

nlikesbikes 11-06-20 08:43 PM

Awesome, that's good to know! Thanks!

anotherbrian 11-07-20 11:47 AM

Dunno if you are familiar with all of the roads, but Google Maps routed through Highway 12 south of Napa if going to Santa Rosa. Either 128 from Winters (west of Davis) or Wooden Valley Rd to 121 (Monticello Rd) from Fairfield is far better for cycling with not much change in mileage (Stateline to Plymouth to Bodega Bay ~= 250 miles).

If you are starting on the north end of the lake, following I-80 wouldn't be a problem and would keep the mileage ~250 -- you need to ride the interstate for a couple miles, but it is bike legal, extremely wide, and goes by fast. In that case I'd stick to following the course of I-80 down to Roseville ... don't go across to Grass Valley and Yuba City which lead to endless farmland.

nlikesbikes 11-09-20 02:00 PM

I'll probably take 128 up to Calistoga since those roads are pretty safe. Especially since it might be dark when I get there.

The I-80 route looks interesting; I usually can't find roads that connect Alta to Blue Canyon when I ride up there, but I saw a PG&E recently that might be paved. If that road works out, it would be like 3 miles on the highway, which isn't too bad. I'll definitely look into it-- I had no idea that I-80 was bike legal on that section.

Thanks for the tips!

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