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mac themechanic 12-15-20 10:27 AM

building a bike help
i am building a Little mountain bike its gonna be a measly 7 speed but it i need a special chain cause i have two different kinds of wheels how do i figure out how many links i need for it i dont have a pic currently cause my account is still new but when i can i will link a picture

mack_turtle 12-15-20 10:38 AM

there is not enough information in your first post to provide any specific advice.

any chain you will likely buy comes in a length long enough to fit most bicycles. it is very unlikely that the chain you buy will be too short. you will most likely need to remove some links from your chain using a chain breaker. if you want to know how long to leave your chain, read this:

please have the courtesy to write sentences using punctuation.

HardHard 12-21-20 07:44 AM

Yeah, please share some more info if you want to get a useful tip

cxwrench 12-22-20 02:51 PM

In normal practice a mechanic won't try to figure out how many links a chain is or needs to be. They will size the chain correctly on the bike and it is what it is.

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