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AK89 01-02-21 08:33 AM

From HT to FS
Hi there,

I'm seeking for advice on which FS bike to buy.
I sold my HT (Radon ZR Team 7.0 29) and decided to buy a FS. I'm searching for a used enduro/AM bike, not older than 2-3 years, and found the models below. My budget is 2000-2300.
Not sure if I'd really need more than 150 mm travel but I plan to keep this bike for a longer time (and just upgrade the components).

  • YT Capra
  • Canyon Strive AL 6.0
  • Canyon Strive CF7.0 RACE
  • Trek Slash 8
  • Scott Ransom 930
  • Scott Genius 950
I would highly appreciate if you could share your opinion on the above models or recommend others.


Vitma 01-02-21 11:27 AM

Hi, your price range will get you in the lower spec Alu frame FS models of most brands. The Canyon CF7.0 and Trek Slash 8 are both beyond your budget, unless you buy them used. The Canyon CF has also a carbon fiber frame.

It sounds like you want one bike only. Try to figure out what the travel sweet spot is in your area and for your riding style.

Since you want to keep the bike over a longer time and upgrade. I would buy the best frame that you can afford.

Since you are in Germany, check also out Rose bikes. Also check your local bike shop!

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