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CanadianBiker32 01-09-21 06:57 PM

30t from 28t
right now i have a fat bikerunning in front one 28t
i need to replace soon
lbs only has a 30t
would. i see much difference going to a 30 from 28t?
most of riding is low gear in winter snowsuggestions??

Bigbus 01-09-21 08:14 PM

From 28 to 30 you're going to increase torque needs by @7%. Do you have 7% more strength in your leg? If the answer is yes, go for it. If you feel like you couldn't push anymore than you are now, you might want to think about it. I personally would just go for it. When you're not slogging through the snow and mud you'll be able to go faster and that's always good, Right?

DeadGrandpa 01-09-21 08:20 PM

I have heard that a change of 2 teeth in front is equal to 6 teeth difference in back. You should look at Sheldon Brown's Gear Calculator for specific metrics regarding the different drive train ratios.

I currently run (on my 29x3 plus bike) a 30T front and 11-46 cassette. I imagine that changing to a 32T front ring would feel like I lost my lowest gear, but gained one more on the high end. I have no experience riding on snow, and the terrain, flat or hilly, would make a difference, too. Did you use your lowest gear a lot?

CanadianBiker32 01-09-21 08:31 PM

lowest gear i do use alotas its for riding slow speed on snow pack trailsand climbing where u need to be spinning as normal riding
so im thinking maybe i should stay at 28t

c_m_shooter 01-10-21 11:19 AM

I say you won't notice a difference.

Amt0571 01-14-21 03:44 AM

It depends. If you use your lower gear frequently, you'll definitely notice. 2T at the front makes quite a big difference.

Darth Lefty 01-14-21 10:21 PM

It's exactly half a shift.

Kapusta 01-14-21 11:28 PM

Originally Posted by Darth Lefty (Post 21878708)
It's exactly half a shift.

I would have said about a half a shift, but I think this is a good way to think about it.

Darth Lefty 01-14-21 11:35 PM

It’s almost exactly half a shift

DMC707 01-20-21 09:06 AM

Hold out for what you like. Ive been on rides where 2 teethis the difference berween pedalling and pushing

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