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Obeast 01-15-21 01:58 PM

Full carbon Chinese monocoque MTB 26 frame experience?
I am looking at some Chinese full carbon frame for 26 wheels and wonder if anyone has experience with them? They come with disc brake mounts in friendly cheapo era skewer axles which means one can retrofit circa 2000-20010 mtb 26 wheels. It seems like these frames fill a niche since most Western brands stopped making carbon frame for 26 wheels (as well as 24 wheels) ages ago.

carlosponti 01-15-21 03:15 PM

I will say one thing about a lot of these chinese made frames sold over the internet is that they usually are made from older generation bike geometries. they may use old large branded bike designs from past years. you are talking about steeper head angle etc.

Darth Lefty 01-15-21 06:33 PM

There have been a few people over in the MTBR family forum making XC racing bikes for their kids. Trailcraft, a US company, has started selling completes. XS, obviously

Obeast 01-15-21 08:00 PM

smaller bikes are lighter and easy on hallway space for us apartment dwelling slaves. I really want to build a cheap full carbon 24 or 26 nonsuspension for just cruising around town.

The ones I look at do have very steep angles and they seem crazy light for the reviews that I have seen online and on youtube...

DMC707 01-20-21 09:04 AM

Originally Posted by Obeast (Post 21880019)
smaller bikes are lighter and easy on hallway space for us apartment dwelling slaves. ...

yes Comrade! Ve vant you on smaller bikes to take less space to put more in, no? Happy is light so have energy to work longer for us!

FastJake 02-13-21 12:39 AM

For what it's worth, back in 2015 I bought a full carbon cyclocross frame/fork for like $500 on one of those China sites. Raced it for several seasons and had zero issues. Super light frame and fork, built up perfectly.

70sSanO 02-13-21 10:42 AM

For cruising around town older steeper geometry is a plus.


veganbikes 02-15-21 07:42 PM

In case someone reads this down the line and decides I should just buy a smaller bike, don't do that. Always buy a bike that fits. Also if you are riding around town and on-road or not mountain biking, a mountain bike is probably not the bike to go for. Plenty of excellent commuter bikes out there and carbon on a commuter is not ideal. It can be done and people will do it but stuff like this can be quite the poor choice.

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