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Ifrahthepeople 01-18-21 12:44 PM

I require some help
Hello mountain bikers! I've ran into big issue on my tubeless maxxis tire, my presta valve has stopped pulling and receiving air, even when I unscrewed the head and pushed it nothing happened, I really don't wanna spend more money on new tires, help me pls

trailangel 01-18-21 01:16 PM

Ya... totally man. *****in' .....WTF does a presta valve have to do with buying new tires?

prj71 01-19-21 08:51 AM


grubetown 01-19-21 06:27 PM

It's probably clogged

cxwrench 01-19-21 09:11 PM


mdarnton 01-19-21 09:15 PM

What's the prob, guys?
Sounds like the sealant sealed your valve. Clean or replace the valve.

DMC707 01-20-21 09:01 AM

Change valve

mack_turtle 01-20-21 09:07 AM

remove the valve core and push something through the open valve to remove any sealant that might be clogging it. an old spoke, a toothpick, or something like that should do the job. the process takes 30 seconds, there's probably nothing wrong with your tires.

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