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GearJunkie 01-20-21 10:28 AM

'19 Stache 7
I want to buy a set of 2.6 tires for a '19 stache 7. Currently there are 3.0's on a Sunringle Duroc 50 wheel. Does anybody know if the 50mm wheel will accomodate a 2.6 tire or is there anybody with this bike who has done this? Does it change the geometry much? The bike is a small and I love the geometry currently. Any help would be appreciated. Thx

hsuBM 01-20-21 11:18 AM

2.6= 66mm

you should be fine.

GearJunkie 01-20-21 01:35 PM


Kapusta 01-21-21 09:03 AM

It will work, but 50mm is really wide for a 2.6" tire.

The potential issue is the tread pattern is most likely not intended to be that squared off, and the side knobs will bite sooner than the design intends. In some cases you may even be riding on the side knobs the whole time.

Not saying it won't work, but it is something to keep in mind.

prj71 01-21-21 09:43 AM

Possibility of rim strikes also increases. 2.6 will also lower your bottom bracket height. Whether it's enough to matter or not depends on the type of trails you ride.

dminor 01-21-21 12:00 PM

If you go as narrow as a 2.6 on your 50mm, I would consider Maxxis WT (Wide Trail) configurations of whichever pattern you choose. The Wide Trail was designed to have proper profile on wider rims (32+). And, although they're spendy, I would also think about CushCore inserts for some extra rim insurance.

GearJunkie 01-25-21 09:07 AM

Thanks for the help. I was going to go smaller for some of the paved roads I hit when bikepacking. I do not want to change the bike into something its not designed to do because I really enjoy the way this rolls on trails currently. I will keep this rig for offroad and singletrack and use my other bike for hardpack gravel and paved routes. I am looking to segment the MORE route, Matt Acker created here in Michigan, over the next couple of summers and I think this bike will work great for that. Thanks again.

mack_turtle 01-25-21 09:34 AM

consider a narrower tire (by narrower, I mean 2.6") that was designed for a wide rim. otherwise, I'd look for a low-profile tread tire in something closer to a 3.0" width. not all plus sized tires have aggressive tread patterns.

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