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icicle 09-07-19 03:32 AM

New Zealand 2019- 2020
I have been a member for a while but too busy to post much. The forum does not appear to have anything as far as tours in New Zealand. I have not been there for quite a few years, but am interested in a loosely organized ride (self containted), possibly in January or February. Senior citizen here, but am experienced at touring at a relatively easy pace. I don't do centuries with full packs like I did in the 70s and 80s. Camping B&Bs, hostels, all are good. I can't get away for more than about 3 weeks due to work constraints, but am open to discussion. In my former life I led tours in Alaska (where I live) and on da kine Big Island where I had a coffee farm back in the day. I have solo toured as well. Age range is open as is gender. Destination is too for that matter. Maybe something closer than NZ, such as some portion of the lower tier US. I have ridden at minus 30F but prefer to tour in warmer temps. It's all about fun on two wheels.

Maybe I am not in the right corner of the forum- if so, maybe someone can point me elsewhere. Cheers!

TimothyH 09-07-19 06:55 PM

Sounds like you have led an interesting life.

There is a touring specific forum. You are sure to get more interest by posting there.


icicle 09-08-19 06:49 PM

Thanks Tim, I read quite a few posts in the touring section before this one- didn't appear to be anything specific for New Zealand. I will look again, but I also found another website that may offer what I seek. I have been a gear freak, now I am just old

TimothyH 09-09-19 01:04 PM

Two routes from if it helps.

My daughter did study abroad at Wellington for six months and toured toured the south island by van for two weeks - Christchurch, Queensland, the mountains and fiords, etc. "Daddy, you need to ride your bike there." is what she said.

I'll ask her if she knows anything specific.


pinholecam 09-15-19 11:34 PM

Try this trail.

I went in 2018 and it was a very pleasant experience with scenic views all the way.
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