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crank_addict 04-13-20 12:26 PM

Learning the line at Spa by bicycle, debut Schumi 8/24/91 Jordan team dominated the headlines leading up to the Belgian Grand Prix. Driver Bertrand Gachot was serving a two month prison sentence in an English jail as a result of an altercation with a London taxi driver, so the team had decided to replace him with young German driver Michael Schumacher.

Qualified an amazing 7th.... at his first Grand Prix.

cb400bill 04-13-20 06:36 PM

Cool picture! I can't imagine that Michael actually rode that bike around Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in August.

crank_addict 04-13-20 07:01 PM

Fun read on Formula1 site, and was big into having an exercise and fitness routine. Later came the Colnago ~ Ferrari bicycle collaboration, some with Schumacher promoting.

According to the formula1 site, he did pull a small wheeled folding bike out of the trunk and pedaled a few laps. That might be possible and was done early week prior to test.

The picture above is clearly not a folding bike with 20 inch wheels. Now as I'm thinking about this, I happen to have a German brand folding bike, 20 inch wheels from that timeline. Hehe

seypat 04-13-20 07:29 PM

The shorts on the 7UP dude in the background..........:twitchy:

dedhed 04-13-20 08:02 PM

crank_addict 04-13-20 08:46 PM

Originally Posted by dedhed (Post 21416808)

Given the current Covid19 uncertainty, so much for timing but that 12hr at R/A has my interest. Perhaps enter a C&V team... ;") Party and accommodations at Siebkens.

PugRider 04-14-20 07:20 AM

F1 is full of bike dorks. Two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso almost started his own team at one point. I miss F1 this season. Going to the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin in 2016 was an amazing experience.

T-Mar 04-14-20 09:13 AM

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Montreal's Ile Notre Dame is part of the city's bicycle path network. There are literally thousands of cyclists using the course each week. So, if you want to bicycle on an F1 course, come on up to Canada. Some of us have even competed on it. However, I can assure you that the F1 line isn't the fastest way around on a bicycle.

Pompiere 04-14-20 10:22 AM

In 1979, between graduating high school and leaving for the military, a friend alerted me that the Indianapolis Bike Club had arranged to have access to the Speedway for one hour on a Sunday afternoon. We loaded our bikes and his kids in the car and drove 4 hours to Indy. Everyone assembled across the street and at the appointed time, rode down through the tunnel and out on the track. There were some pace lines moving pretty fast, but most of us were just taking it all in. This was only a month or so after the race, so the skid marks were still clearly visible. I was a race fan, so it was pretty neat to see it all up close.

2cam16 04-14-20 04:42 PM

Man those were the days. I miss Schumi. Hope he's doing well with his recovery.
Missing all the racing season too. I get my fix by watching pros race on iRacing. It's not real but it's the closest we can get right now.

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