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desconhecido 02-17-20 03:16 PM

Neglected Benotto
Oh, boy, this one is ugly. Wouldn't have stopped to look at the ad, but the DT shifters looked interesting. Looks like they are Simplex retrofriction. Crank seems to be Spidel branded Stronglight 107 so the shifters may be Spidel branded as well. Pedals appear to be Spidel/Maillard 700 platform pedals and the FD appears to be a Simplex SJ A102, or similar. Guessing Mavic rims. Brakes look like some sort of lower tier Campagnolo. Seen them before, but can't remember Victory, Athena, Triumph? Maybe not original. Looks like the fork was nice, a long time ago and it looks to be a decently built frame. Probably early 80s. Boy, that fork sure looks like toast. Maybe toast with Swiss cheese. Curious what the model might have been. Probably Mexican rather than Italian, but with Spidel components? Here are the wonderful pics from the ad. Asking price is $100. Apparently, rust is on sale.:

horatio 02-17-20 03:22 PM

If you like rust, you should see my Mercian!

TugaDude 02-17-20 03:44 PM

Frame is decent enough if the stem and seat post aren't seized. Brake calipers remind of Campy Stratos a bit.
The fork might surprise you and just be a crappy low-end chrome job. If it is sound, can be rechrome.

Interesting bits on it for sure.

desconhecido 02-17-20 04:05 PM

Seatpost look low enough to trap water inside the clamp, so it might be seized. Fork looks like the forks on model 3000 that appear around the web. Headset looks like one of those plastic Stonglight B9s. Trek used them too, and supposed to be ok. Don't need tools to remove or install.

bikemig 02-17-20 04:11 PM

There is some value to the parts but when you see this much rust, there is a good chance that the parts are all mucked up as well. This is worth taking a flier on for $25 or so to see what can be salvaged.

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