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CTony 01-04-20 11:20 AM

Motobecane Patina Nutted Wheels
Good Morning BF.

Im trying to install QR Wheelset on a 1950s-1960s bike. Rear Spacing being a 120mm no problem unless rear derailleur hanger won’t allow QR to tighten? My biggest issue is fitting front wheel spacing 99m. new wheel 100mm. front forks should give some room for play. Its the opening on forks that won’t accept wheel. any ideas how to fix this? oh, when i was building bike i thew on some miche wheels, front and rear, with no problems.

Thank You.

Andrew R Stewart 01-04-20 03:54 PM

Generally axle widths can be fudged by a few MMs WRT the drop out widths. Axle widths as well drop out widths can both be adjusted a bit. How depends on what's needed and the equipment involved.

BTW how did you date the bike? Andy

Bill Kapaun 01-04-20 04:57 PM

Look to see if the "slot" is parallel.
If the bike is dropped on the fork end(s), it can bend them in, closing the "gap".

CTony 01-05-20 09:03 AM

Andrew I’m just going by what by previous owner said year of bike .I know Motobecane hand many names badges I’d have pictures of numbers .But bike came with cotter crank steel chrome wheels 27” Rigida & Atom hubs.What I’m looking to do is update wheels to alloys wheels with QR but fork wont accept axle QR from original axle.

Andrew R Stewart 01-05-20 11:43 AM

Traditionally nutted front axles were often a smaller diameter then those of QR attachment. Atom made front hubs with the same shell but one or the other axle and nuts/QR. So it's possible that this bike had axle nuts on the front when new. This would have been quite common in the 1960s and 1970s. As are the cottered crankset and the chrome Rigida rims common spec. I suspect that this bike is more likely a mid 1970s model. There were two bike booms in that decade and we saw a lot of importing from Europe then. They struggled to keep up with demand (and this is when the start of the Asian wave began) and often each shipment of a specific model would vary in spec from what we had been told. So QR models might have a nutted wheel, the freewheel range got changed frequently, saddles substituted, Simplex instead of Huret, that kind of spec drift as needed to get the bike out the factory door.

Front drop outs can be enlargened to fit QR axle diameters. Frames and forks can be reset for drop out width (of course all this should be done by someone who knows what they are doing). It's when the upgrading wants get into the threaded stuff (BB, headset, pedals) or the sliding fit stuff (seat post, stem, bars) that the French aspects will become a limitation. Andy

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