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Cypress 03-04-20 11:22 AM

56cm Madone 6.2 Race Bike Part-Out (and 10-speed Shimano stuff)
I can do discounts if multiple items are purchased by the same buyer. PayPal is fine, but Venmo is mo betta to avoid fees (prices listed accordingly). I've been on these forums for a loooong time, so the chances of me stiffing you are non-existent. PM me with questions/concerns/offers. All prices include shipping to the continental U.S. via USPS.

I gave this stuff a hasty half-assed cleaning, so the buyer could further improve the condition of the items with a little elbow grease.

This was my trusty steed for many years. It holds more race wins and KOM's than I can count. It's a 2013 56cm frame module with H1 geometry (aggressive), and the fork steerer has been cut for a slammed stem. It'll come with two and a half seat mast toppers (seatposts), one setback (on the frame) and two straight (one might be dodgy, but one is new). Brakes are included (obviously). I looked for the placeholder for the speed sensor but it might be gone...I'll keep looking though. I've pictured the only damage I could find, and both spots are on the rear triangle near the bottom bracket. One is from a wheel magnet flying off many years ago, and the other is from a small nail I picked up in my tire. I've been assured they are cosmetic paint chips by a Trek dealer. The bottom bracket was replaced about 6 months ago by a Trek dealer.

It'd be swell to get $600 out of the frame module. If you want to use PayPal, it'll be $625 (I hate fees).

172.5mm Ultegra 6700 crank with 53/39 rings. Both rings were replaced last August (for $150 :cry:). The cranks might look Shelley Duvall, but they function every bit of Ana de Armas.

$100 for this butterface. $105 if you use PayPal.

Thomson X4 130mm stem. I prefered the rigidity and security of the wider 4-bolt clamp system over the normal 2-bolt setup Thomson usually uses in their road stuff.

$70 for this long thicc boi. $75 if you must use PayPal.

Cypress 03-04-20 11:23 AM

Ultegra 6700 shifters. They work. They aren't as ratty as I though they would be.

Clicky bits go for $SOLD or $SOLD for the PayPal type.

Dura-Ace 7900 rear derailleur. New pulleys installed early last year.

An absolute steal at $SOLD. Less of a steal at $SOLD PayPal.

Nightrunner 05-28-20 06:17 PM

Do you still have the shifters? If so, I'll take them!

Cypress 05-28-20 07:47 PM

Originally Posted by Nightrunner (Post 21503030)
Do you still have the shifters? If so, I'll take them!

Man, I thought I marked those as sold. They are gone. My bad!

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