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prj71 02-01-19 12:21 PM

Specializes Sirrus X Comp
Another good one.

38mm wide tires, carbon Frame and future Shock.

Anyone have one? I have been eying up the Giant ToughRoad and more recently the new Niner RLT Apex. But for the same price as the Niner, this is much better...

badger1 02-01-19 01:43 PM

I know that @markjenn has received his; pic and some comment over on the Sirrus thread.

Mine is on order, for delivery early spring just in time for the roads etc. to begin clearing after winter. My order was the result of a lot of thinking about and test rides for a replacement for my 2010 Sirrus Comp -- daily ride the past nine seasons -- which I'll modify into a proper 'rain bike' w/fenders etc.

Far as I'm concerned the X Comp is pretty much what I've been looking for: a bike that can move seamlessly between paved and relatively non-technical unpaved surfaces and be very efficient and comfortable on both. The FS and geometry that is spot-on for me -- both important to this old man -- sealed the deal.

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