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Ngrandin 02-19-20 02:25 AM

Jubile Sport 1982

what do you think 100$ for jubile sport 1982? Pretty goos state... i cant put pictures dont know why...

cb400bill 02-19-20 05:40 AM

I think that if it fits you and is in good condition that it is a good buy.

You'll need to get past our 10 post minimum to post pics. I suggest going to our Introductions forum and telling us a bit about yourself. Then say hello to some other new forum members and you'll be there in no time. But please don't make junk posts as those will be deleted.

cb400bill 02-19-20 05:40 AM

Thread moved from C&V to C&V Appraisals.

horatio 02-19-20 06:02 PM

Thereís been a similar Mirage Sport on the Charlotte CL since last summer, asking price of $150 (too high, IMO). Itís occasionally listed at $115 for some reason, but never lower. Iíd say $80-$100 is reasonable, depending on condition and components, and whether anything is frozen! The question is, does it fit you?

zukahn1 02-19-20 08:31 PM

I would agree only $100 bike if you like it and it's your size. If your looking to buy a nice vintage bike to ride give us your location budget and size very good chance members here can direct you to some much better choices.

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