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Thruhiker 05-23-20 06:03 AM

Bar end shifter refurbish
Hi all
I'm working on my fuji touring bike mostly cosmetic stuff. My bar end shifter were/are pretty beat up but work fine still. I've filed and sanded the worst scratches and gouges out of them and the repainted useing automotive paint. I dont know what to do about the lever themselves. The rubber grip part has long since torn off and the past couple years I've just used electrical tape. Any other suggestions? Shrink tube does not work due to there shape. Has any one tried plastic dip? What about wrapping with string I think it's called twineing? Thank you

dsbrantjr 05-23-20 07:34 AM

Plast-Dip should work OK but twine should look attractive, especially if you use it to end your bar tape wrap also; a layer of shellac will make it long-lasting. Self-fusing silicone tape may also be worth a try.

Crankycrank 05-23-20 08:27 AM

This maybe. Also just do a search for "bar end shift lever covers" or some such thing. Microshift has readily available covers if they happen to fit. I like the Plasti-Dip idea. You might have to use 3 or more coatings for it to last.

phughes 05-23-20 11:20 AM

Go for twining if you want something unique. For a more comfortable surface, instead of actual twine, you can use a smaller diameter thread or chord.

dsbrantjr 05-23-20 03:26 PM

Some twine ideas here:

Miele Man 05-23-20 07:52 PM

What make are your barend shifters?


Andrew R Stewart 05-23-20 09:31 PM

One of the common issues with dip grip and other bonding methods is the bonding won't take a bite to the lever. So besides good cleaning of the surface is essential any way to add some tooth will also help prolong the repair. Andy

SalsaShark 05-23-20 11:02 PM

I have used plasti-dip on these and it works great. I had previously tried tape, tubes, and other options, but the dip works the best! The paddle is slightly tapered, so it stays put nicely. I simply cleaned the bare lever with alcohol, and did 3 coats of dip. It is more tactile and grippy than the original plastic covers, and seems more durable as well - with years of trouble-free service. You can get the dip in colors, too!

Thruhiker 05-24-20 09:14 PM

They are shimano dura ace. I think sl bs77 is the part number. I'm going to try the plasti dip. Thanks everyone.

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