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Wiltsielove 06-26-18 03:40 PM

Douze vs. Bullitt or something else?
I'm looking for a cargo bike to transport my kids and dog around town but also take touring. I am considering the Douze or the Bullitt and would like to get your opinions on how they compare. I live in Utah, so it can be fairly hilly/mountainous and the weather ranges from very hot to snowy.

Nightdiver 06-26-18 07:39 PM

Are you looking at electric or non-electric models? Both could work okay, although if you're looking at non electric, the Bullitt might have a slight edge in geometry for hilly rides and touring. However, in order to comfortably carry two kids or kids and a dog in the Bullitt, you'll probably have to fabricate your own front box/cargo area solution, as it's platform is fairly narrow and the stock solutions are made mostly to conform to the platform width. The Douze has much better standard options for carrying multiple kids or kids plus other stuff. I really like the modular nature of the Douze for the option of putting inside a vehicle.

Another option to consider is Cetma. Hand built steel from Oregon. Good geometry for hilly climbs, and the platform is a good size for kids plus stuff. Also separates in half to carry in your vehicle, if that is a feature that interests you. However, no elegant e-solution if that is what you're shopping for.

cacargo 07-28-18 10:15 PM

Have you seen a Madsen?
Madsen cargo bikes are fantastic for transporting multiple kids and their bags (I have three kids and can throw a bunch of bags in the bucket with them). Your dog might also learn to sit on the bench or they sell a panel that spans the seats for more comfy seating for dogs.

Definitely get an electric assist if youíre going up hills! Otherwise itís too easy to make excuses not to use the bike. ;)
Madsen prices their electric bikes very reasonably and the components/motor/specs are solid. I live on my cargo bike. I highly recommend that you try one if you can! Iíve been on a Madsen for over two years and I still love it.

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