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sleepyhead 05-10-19 06:50 PM

Moving to Gainesville Florida
We’re planning a move around Gainesville. Which area would be best as a base for road cycling out into the countryside plus the wife wants some utility cycling. We’re considering buying a few acres in the NW near Alachua, south near Micanopy, or east near Lake Newman. Any advice would be appreciated.

kensuf 05-13-19 01:24 PM

Pretty much anywhere in Gainesville will put you no more than 20 minutes from a country road if you know how to get there. I'm technically "in the city" on the north side of town but within 7 minutes of leaving my door I'm in the countryside and within 20 minutes I'm riding by cows.

The Gainesville Cycling Club (Gainesville Cycling Club) has a few group rides, but they don't seem to be as popular as they once were. They do have several route maps for various distances though.

Podagrower 05-15-19 06:23 AM

Probably a great opportunity to look at the Strava Heat Map. We travel to Reddick once or twice a year to ride around the horsefarms and have lunch in Micanopy. I don't think there is a bad area in your list. I would look at how the area you buy in was impacted by Hurricane Michael in 2017-it was probably a once in 500 year amount of rain. Lots of Payne's Prairie was flooded.

mixteup 05-19-19 07:44 AM

Was down in Gainesville in Feb., and really minimal to no impact from the storm - It was up here, where the real action was ......
I think around G-ville is maybe the most bike friendly area in Florida (If there is such a thing). But the traffic in town can get pretty hectic.

There is also a most excellent co-op in the city :

Good luck

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