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Namida12 10-27-10 09:17 PM

Bike Rack - Wheel Mount for a receiver style hitch or Trunk Mount style?
I have an 1996 Corolla I use for auto transportation, and want to add a secure bike rack, for cost reasons I have been looking at trunk mount racks, living in Vegas we have few wet days that will rust a scratched trunk from adding or removing this style bike rack. But I have wondered about adding a Receiver Style Hitch for a bike rack.

Cost I need a hitch and rack, looking at the use verses the cost and car/bike damage I am quite still stuffing the bike into the back seat on a painter cloth. I purchased a larger 1991 Treck Antelope from garage sale this last weekend, and had to pick it up with the car, after a extended stint in trying to place the bicycle in the car, I finally used duck tape to keep an open door from swinging about to get the bike into back seat and home...

I have now become motivated in getting a bike rack... I was looking at a 2 Bike Hitch Mounted Rack w Wheel Mount , would have made life easy bringing the hybrid bicycle home...

Any one use this model, or similar style with a 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" receiver hitch? Or is there a less expensive suggestion?


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