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bosuch 08-27-12 09:16 AM

Question on upgrading grips/shifters on a Trek 7000
I have a Trek 7000 that I put a pair of Ergon grips on (the P1WGs to be specific), but I'm really wanting to get a pair of their GP3 or GP4 grips. The problem is that the 7000 has both the twist shifters and a bar with a decent amount of curve in it, so you have to go with narrow grips - the P1WGs are 96mm wide while the GP3s are 132mm wide. There's just no way to move the twist shifter in far enough on the bar to fit the wider grips. So, as I see it, here are my options:

1) Take a hacksaw to the wider grips (don't really want to do this one...)
2) Replace the bar with something flatter to allow the twist shifters to move further in
3) Replace the twister with a shifter that doesn't take up as much room (the Trek 7.2 uses Shimano ST-EF50 shifters, which can be had for about $30)
4) Replace both the shifters and the bar
5) Look for some other grip that has both the flat section and bar ends

Any opinions? Thanks!


redcon1 08-27-12 02:45 PM

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Did you look at the Ergon grips that are specifically designed for Grip-shift systems? They are made shorter to integrate with the shifters already in place.
I have seen them at my local shop and online, here's an example after a quick search.
If you are saying that these won't work with your bar/shifter, I don't know what to recommend.

bosuch 08-27-12 02:49 PM

Well dangit, in all my searching I never saw those, just the longer versions. Time for an Amazon order!


bjjoondo 08-27-12 09:43 PM

FWIW, I've, "cut" the longer grips and they work just fine, but they do make the "twist shift" grips as above, I've got them on one of my wifes bikes, FYI.

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