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100bikes 11-17-19 07:02 AM

Pace and Hong are at it again.....
CAREFUL: Pace and Hong Auctions in Alpena, Michigan has listed a number of bicycle parts for auction on Auctionzip website.

They have yet to respond to my complaint with the Michigan Attorney General regarding their fraud.

I made an offer on 18 lots, Bill Pace accepted offer on 18 lots.
They accepted my payment in full for 18 lots.

When the detailed invoice finally came( I had to ask for it), only 16 lots were on it.

When I questioned what was up -
"Oh , those other two lots were never available."

The two missing lots sold, after my offer, for 12% of my total bid!

Still waiting for Bill Pace, Natasha or Tonya to respond.
Still waiting for AuctionZip to respond as well.

Favorite quote in dealing with these people is from
Natasha in an email - "we rely on the numbers........"

Michigan Attorney general sent notice that they are investigating.

I have the documentation and voicemail to substantiate my claim.

Please share this information across your friends and groups.

FBOATSB 11-17-19 09:26 AM

Thank you for that. I was tempted to bid on some of their stuff.

cb400bill 11-18-19 08:42 PM

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