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markwesti 12-27-18 03:10 PM

Swingers wanted

wgscott 12-27-18 03:16 PM

There might be a reason why this never really caught on.

CrowSeph 12-28-18 12:56 PM

is just me or seems easy to make one?

nomadmax 12-28-18 02:18 PM

I wanna see somebody in a field sprint on one of those things;)

Rollfast 12-28-18 08:25 PM

Keyword spamming much? :p

markwesti 12-29-18 12:37 PM

@Rollfast , what did you think I was talking about ?

BikingTech 12-29-18 03:32 PM

That is one ugly ride :wtf:

StarBiker 12-29-18 10:18 PM

Where else but the granola bowl.....

Rollfast 12-30-18 07:15 PM

Originally Posted by markwesti (Post 20723229)
@Rollfast , what did you think I was talking about ?

Exposure of a bad idea to as many people as possible? Sounds like the recording industry.

Fahrenheit531 01-01-19 01:07 PM

They're everywhere!
...And actually had an honest-to-goodness headbadge in the 70's typeface. :)
70's Swing Bike - $600
Selling my 1970s Swing Bike. This was a bicycle that was made for just a few years and marketed by the Osmond's on their show. I've owned it for about 20 years and have had a blast riding it in various events. Perfect for having fun in your neighborhood or riding in Cyclovia! This bike is in excellent working condition and able to be ridden and enjoyed as is.

The photo shows the bike with an aftermarket spring that allows for more swing when riding, I do have the original spring set and it is included with the sale of the bike.

markwesti 01-01-19 01:18 PM

It's a springswing .

unterhausen 01-02-19 12:21 PM

I have an unfinished (of course) swing bike frame. Never did quite figure out how to do the second headset in a way that I liked

RobbieTunes 02-01-19 03:00 PM

Is the swing bike related to the scraper bike?

Nope. One is well lubed.

markwesti 02-01-19 03:32 PM

Velo Mule 02-04-19 01:33 PM

I have never ridden a Swing Bike. I heard that it could dump you in an instant. However, Seth from "Seth's Bike Hacks" has one and seem to have no problems at all. I think he mentions that the 26" wheels makes it more stable and rideable than the older 20" variety.

Teabike 02-18-19 02:53 PM


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