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Tundra_Man 09-17-20 07:22 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1039:

Mid 40s this morning, but no wind. I took the extra long way to the client's office for a little more than 15 miles. Was wearing shorts and my legs got a little chilly. In a month I won't notice the temp at all.

bulevardi 09-17-20 07:55 AM

Haven't been commuting for 6 months now, since the corona outbreak lockdown quarantine stuff...
Next month I'll have to go back to the office, they say...

essiemyra 09-18-20 03:59 AM

Another pleasant yet uneventful commute with the temp at 58 degrees. And best of all it is Friday!

Darth Lefty 09-18-20 03:43 PM

It’s my day off, but part of my ride was along my commuting path. The bike trail improvements continue. In a few places they have torn it out and repaved it, others are like this with a fresh coat of slip seal and repaired shoulders. As yet unbesmirched!

wgscott 09-18-20 03:53 PM

It is starting to lose its lush, rural charm.

Darth Lefty 09-18-20 07:53 PM

There was a down tree on my ride today too. Nothing to do with the paving; we just have a lot of weak half-dead trees in the SRA from a decade of mostly drought. They haven't rotted much due to the said drought. It's like this everywhere there's woods, I think. Forests of firewood just waiting.

essiemyra 09-21-20 04:39 AM

The commute was chilly at 34 degrees yet pleasant and uneventful this am.

essiemyra 09-23-20 04:03 AM

Today the weather was a warm 54 degrees and a pleasant uneventful ride.

pdlamb 09-23-20 09:45 AM

Nice pre-work ride this morning (can I pretend it's a commute, since I left home and started work after the ride?), if a bit chilly around 60F. The thing I noticed this morning is that autumn is going to come. It's not here yet (and won't be for another month or so), but some of the trees overhanging the roads have started their pre-leaf-turning sap spitting. I guess that's a good name for it, I'd be rolling along and suddenly under this or that tree there'd be a sticky spot, sounding like I was rolling through wet paint or chewing gum.

noglider 09-23-20 11:30 AM

I haven't commuted to college since March 12. I haven't had a job, but I'll soon be an enumerator for the Census. The locations I need to visit might be near enough for me to visit by bike. I will see.

I miss commuting by bike. It's easier for me to ride when I have a place I need to go. Now I have to tell myself that I need to take a ride. Now I understand why people ride for health and fitness. If I go a few days without riding, I start going crazy. I'm seeing that riding isn't a luxury or an indulgence. I truly need it. I do ride now but not enough. I'm working on improving that. I have to manage my time carefully, because I'm still in college and need to keep up with my remote classes.

Here is a bike I'm building for myself. It's almost done. It's a 1971 Raleigh Super Course. I put a new 2x8 drivetrain on it.

Bikewolf 09-23-20 12:40 PM

Getting pretty dark in the mornings now.

This morning, looking ahead, I noticed an obstacle in semi-darkness. My first thought was that it was an unlucky small animal (bunny). But once I was closer the danger turned out to be something totally unexpected: a piece of hay. :o Got in alarm mode for a piece of hay!

essiemyra 09-24-20 04:03 AM

A pleasant change this morning-other people are writing, nice! It was a pleasant commute this am with the temp at 50 degrees. I scared a small cat and myself because I must not have been paying attention and the cat was in the light from my head light and running. The cat made it to the other side of the road safely.

essiemyra 10-01-20 03:57 AM

A very pleasant commute this am with the temp at 50 degrees and the full moon to ride with.

My bike is pedaling smoother since the chain and cassette got changed this past weekend. What a noticeable difference. Hopefully this coming weekend the rear derailleur will get changed.

Tundra_Man 10-01-20 07:13 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1049:

Cloudy, 45F this morning with a stiff headwind. Overall though, it was an uneventful commute.

The rear tire on my road bike had been slowly losing air over the last couple weeks. It would stay inflated during my ride to and from work, but the next morning it would be flat. I pulled the tube out and tested it in the sink, and couldn't find anything leaking. I put it back in the wheel and ran it a few more days. It slowly got worse, where it would be fine for the ride in but a little low for the ride home. Finally, last night after work I came out to the bike rack to find it completely flat. I swapped tubes and rode home. This time, when I tested the tube in the sink I was able to find a tiny little pinhole and was able to patch it.

I posted my latest commuting adventures video:

Tundra_Man 10-02-20 06:50 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1050:

Chilly morning. Google said 32 degrees. My kitchen thermometer said 35. I'll split the difference at 33.5F.

I'm working from home today, so I rode to the office and then turned around and rode back home to make sure I got my commute in.

Darth Lefty 10-02-20 11:28 AM

I went into the office twice this week but took the self-propelled vehicle due to the smoke.

I suppose I ought to go to the other thread and cash out my September miles... both of them

essiemyra 10-05-20 04:31 AM

A very pleasant commute to work this am with the temp at 50 degrees. Also the thing that made my ride pleasant was that my bike is pedaling smoother and shifting easier. The bike has a new cassette and chain, new shifter cables and also a new back derailleur.

Darth Lefty 10-05-20 11:04 AM

I got out the #coronaramp for kiddo's "synchronous" recess today and did a few jumps. That's probably all the bike riding that's going to happen.

It's three 2ft ramps and a 2ft table that are 1 step tall. I'd really like to make a taller ramp with a curved transition but the kids aren't up for it yet.

essiemyra 10-06-20 04:32 AM

A very nice commute in this am with the temp at 49 degrees. I am thinking of changing to my winter route soon as I saw two people walking. One of them I did not see till I was so close that I felt uncomfortable. Neither were wearing any reflective clothing. My winter route keeps me on the main road as opposed to the dark side roads I am riding now.

esmith2039 10-06-20 06:33 AM

Ugh change of seasons here comes the wind and carrying two variations of clothes. Guess I really should be used to it after 6 years lol. Uppers 50's at least.

fooferdoggie 10-06-20 07:31 AM

a great ride for me I cant usually do this good. saw a homeless woman pushing a mattress down the middle of the street it had some wheels under it.

Bikewolf 10-08-20 12:07 PM

Originally Posted by essiemyra (Post 21730463)
[...] I saw two people walking. One of them I did not see till I was so close that I felt uncomfortable. Neither were wearing any reflective clothing. My winter route keeps me on the main road as opposed to the dark side roads I am riding now.

That, and ghost riders :troll:.

Darth Lefty 10-08-20 05:08 PM

I don't know what the hell is going on with my GPS lately. Watch or phone, it doesn't seem to matter. I am definitely not kayaking. If you check the Strava heat map you can find tracks in Folsom Lake, because it gets quite low in the summer. But this is Lake Natoma which functions like a regulator and goes up and down only a few feet. It's nice to get a ride in though. A recent evening non-work ride was the first one this season with the lights.

Meanwhile, work on the bike trail continues. I did not turn around this time, rather proceeded on the dog-walking path. Which I suppose counts as "gravel" for the purpose of these tires. Alas, the sizzle of decomposed granite.

essiemyra 10-09-20 03:59 AM

A chilly yet pleasant commute this am with the temp at 37 degrees. I took the direct route to work today.

Tundra_Man 10-09-20 07:51 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1055:

Working from home today, so I did my usual "get up, ride to the office and then ride back home" routine to keep my commuting streak alive. Went a few extra miles because it was a beautiful morning. Unseasonably warm at 61 degrees (lately it's been in the 40s for my morning rides.)

Although I had started commuting by bicycle a few years earlier, I didn't start tracking my mileage until June of 2009. This morning I rolled past the 30,000 mile mark since I started keeping track, so I stopped and snapped a photo to commemorate the landmark.

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