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coffeesnob 02-27-19 11:31 AM

General questions about Savannah Georgia.
Several questions. Are there any decent bike trails in the area? Is there a lot to do otherwise. Most importantly is the crime rate as bad as google makes it out to be? Thanks

RonH 02-27-19 07:37 PM

When I've visited Savanah I've noticed bicycles are everywhere. Seems to be a bike friendly town.
Lots of great eating places too.

TimothyH 02-28-19 08:05 AM

I agree, lots of bikes when I visited.

Perry Rubber bike shop is right downtown. Might could give them a call and ask about trails.

</title> <link rel="profile" href=""> <link rel="pingback" href=""> <title>Perry Rubber Bike Shop ? Where your cycling experience begins.

Lots of history, tours, Savanna College of Art and Design if you like art.

I was only there two days and only downtown so I don't know what might be just outside of town.

Baldy1953 02-28-19 06:06 PM

Savannah is a huge tourist spot. As stated, lots of places to eat. It is a very historic city, so lots to see and do. Their riverwalk is pretty nice. Never been there to ride a bike though.
You might want to look at this for bike riding. Found it with a quick google search.

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