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Chiseling away very late night, I'm asking myself why on earth would I be screwing around with this old corroded stuff, especially during these times? No conclusive reasoning other than it might be some whacky therapy. Haha

The MAFAC pile. Had planned to swap out the corroded center arm on the Competition with a spare set of Racers though the backside had cast in maker marks and subtle detail difference. The bushings on the Competition are brass vs nylon on the Racer. I decided on taking them down a bit by sanding and polishing. Good enough.

I forget where to have acquired the Racer set, but here I found a better set of levers with half hoods. One has a slight split but still soft. The AME aftermarket hoods that came with this project just didn't have French mojo. Was able to sneak them on without removing the original bar wrap.

Last on the list: Awaiting replacement grommets and dropout adjuster screws.

-technical difficulty, wuhan neutron - upload pic problems

Time burned on 64 pieces of old corroded MAFAC cal's

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