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Originally Posted by halfspeed View Post
Here's a simple recipe for a newer rider to improve his performance. Monday, hill repeats. Tuesday, recovery. Wednesday, group ride with faster riders. Thursday, recovery. Friday, hill repeats. Saturday, distance ride of 50+ miles at a moderate pace for endurance. Sunday, recovery. You can mix these around to fit schedules, but you need recovery after hard efforts. Recovery can be an easy ride in the small chain ring or a day off. If you do this, you will improve. For hill repeats, find a challenging hill and ride up it for five to seven minutes, then down and repeat immediately three or four times. Then rest for a few minutes and do it again. Rest again, and try another cluster. If you like the structure and training, you can look into Friel's Cyclists Training Bible and learn about periodized training.
I am saving this for my own improvement. I didn't ride all winter, and only had from Aug. to Nov. of last year to ride. I have a basic starting point, and need to improve it. Anyways, a couple of questions on your advice...

1. Would a 2-5 mile area of rolling hills be a good start to do the hill training? Or would an area like where I live which has a ton of hills, and some flats be good for this? ( I can go about 20-30 miles with only stretches of a mile or so that is flat)

2. Should I keep them in this order, or can I mix it up?
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