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Originally Posted by Mr Sinister View Post
I am saving this for my own improvement. I didn't ride all winter, and only had from Aug. to Nov. of last year to ride. I have a basic starting point, and need to improve it. Anyways, a couple of questions on your advice...

1. Would a 2-5 mile area of rolling hills be a good start to do the hill training? Or would an area like where I live which has a ton of hills, and some flats be good for this? ( I can go about 20-30 miles with only stretches of a mile or so that is flat)

2. Should I keep them in this order, or can I mix it up?
1. I think you're better off with one hill you can spend 5-7 minutes climbing and then coasting down. Consistent on/off efforts are key.
2. You can mix things up, but you want recovery days between hard efforts. If you do multiple hard days in a row, you don't get the most from either your hard efforts or recovery days.
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