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First, not clear if you're talking about TRP Spyres (road version) or TRP Spykes (mtb version). Since everyone else is assuming the road version, that's what I'll go with, too.

I believe the TRP Spyre and the TRP Hy/Rd use the same set-up procedure, so honestly if you are having trouble setting up the Spyres, I'm not sure switching to the Hy/Rds will help you. Are you sure your brake levers are compatible with the brake calipers, i.e. you're not mixing v-brake compatible levers with road calipers (or maybe vice versa, since I'm not 100% sure which TRP brake you're currently running)?

For help with your setup, I suggest looking up Youtube videos on TRP brake installations, calling TRP, and going to an LBS who has experience with TRP brakes (in that order, assuming you want to start with doing it yourself first).

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