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Anyone Heard of Assault Victims Defense Funds?

I was physically assaulted yesterday by two drunken jerks when I stopped at a park for a few short minutes to take a breather while on a ride. I ended up filing a police report then going to the ER to get checked out since the right side of my face was starting to swell, my upper teeth didn't feel right, I tasted blood and my back was sore. I figure I ran up a several thousand dollar bill there because they did several CT scans and a urinalysis. I told the ER Dr. I was concerned about how I was going to pay for it since I don't have insurance and he thought they'd first tried to get payment from the perpetrators, and if they couldn't then there is something called a "victim's defense fund" that pays for such hospital bills that were the result of an assault. Does anyone know of such a thing and if it in fact works as described to me? Thanks for any help.
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