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Yea, the last few posts are off topic. Please keeps your thoughts and opinions to yourself and just sick to the topics of the threads. If you don't have anything helpful to add then don't post.

I just posted this thread to get more information and because I feel overwhelmed having been attacked, injured, and my life threatened two days ago. I hope no one else here has to go thru this trauma that I've been going thru. I thought this might be helpful to anyone who might have this happen to them in the future if it does.

I will add one more thing then I'll quit posting on this thread since people can't seem to be mature or empathetic enough to add pertinent, constructive things to it and instead use this forum as a cowardly way to be a comedian at others' expense. I got a hold of a person at the victim's fund today and they don't cover things like damage to my bike which is what they consider "personal property".
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