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Originally Posted by punkinevil View Post
I also have to point out that NYC has a "must-use" law regarding bike lanes, so it's not a case of a cyclist catching the vapors because he has to ride out of the bike lane. Cyclists in the city can and do get hefty fines, often regardless of obstructions. I applaud this guys initiative to track the problem in the bike and bus lanes.
You made me look it up.

(p) Bicycles.
(1)Bicycle riders to use bicycle lanes. Whenever a usable path or lane for bicycles has been
provided, bicycle riders shall use such path or lane only except under any of the following
(i) When preparing for a turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.
(ii) When reasonably necessary to avoid conditions (including but not limited to, fixed or
moving objects, motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, pushcarts, animals, surface hazards)
that make it unsafe to continue within such bicycle path or lane.

Obviously you can't just swerve around the parked car. You need to look back and signal first, possibly negotiating for right of way if necessary. This is no different from anywhere else that I know of. This is really cycling 101. I mean, if a blocked bike lane is a problem, maybe you shouldn't be riding in traffic. Just saying.

See pp 59-60:
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